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Best Places to Take Your Dog Near Getaway Eastern Catskill

Getaway Catskill Dog

We know our furry friends love escaping the city just as much as we do. There’s nothing better than trading in sidewalks and small dog parks for trotting along hiking trails and collecting sticks.

Traveling Upstate is a journey for pet owner and pet alike, and that’s why we’ve compiled some essential reading for getting away with your pup. After all, what’s better than setting that “out of office” on, collecting your canine buddy, and venturing out into the quiet, peaceful Outpost?

We partnered with our friends at Chewy to offer you some fantastic tips for traveling with your dog.

Go on Walks in the Woods

Your dog will love it, and you will, too. Did you know that there’s scientifically proven benefits to walking over rustling leaves? Give yourself that sense of calm, and get some great exercise for your dog in the process. Don’t forget to bring snacks for you and dog treats for them.

North South Lake
~ 25 minutes from Outpost

Dogs are allowed on-leash throughout this beautiful lakeside area. Lounge near the water or follow Mary Glen’s Trail to see Artist’s Rock, Sunset Rock, Newman’s Ledge, and North Point. We recommend choosing a dog leash that fits your dog’s personality and your needs. A hands-free dog leash, for example, can help simplify hiking with your four-legged friend.

Overlook Mountain Trail
~ 40 minutes from Outpost

This moderate hike has some challenging points, but the view at the top is more than worth it. On-leash dogs are welcome throughout the whole trail. Don’t forget to bing along dog poop bags to do your part in maintaining the beautiful route.

Local Attractions

Every Getaway Outpost is dog-friendly, and there’s no real need to venture out. The cabins have everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you do find yourself hankering to get some of the local flavor of our Getaway Catskills Outpost, there are several places you can stop and enjoy along with your pup.

Mountain Top Arboretum
~ 30 minutes from Outpost

While you can’t let your pup run free through the whole arboretum, there are designated places for dogs to play. Bring along some dog treats or your pup’s favorite dog toy enjoy some greenery with your leashed pup on Maude Adams Road and the East Meadow. The Spruce Glen trails are open to all pups, leashed or not. Bringing along a dog GPS tracker can also help keep your dog safe and monitor their activity.

Olana State Historic Site
~ 30 minutes from Outpost

While dogs are not allowed inside the home and studio on the property, they are allowed on the grounds on-leash. Take your pup on a walk through this 25 acre hilltop estate and get a beautiful view of the Hudson River Valley below.


The New York Restaurant
~ 20 minutes from Outpost

This cool local spot specializes in authentic Polish cuisine. Bring along a dog travel bowl and dog water bowl to have your pup enjoy mealtime with you. Their two outdoor tables are pet-friendly, so it’s the perfect spot to sit with your pup and sample some pierogis.

Catskill Mountain Country Store
~ 40 minutes from Outpost

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, then stop by this local restaurant and store with pup-friendly outdoor seating. Serving up both breakfast and lunch, we recommend their pancakes or their old-fashioned ice cream counter.

If your dog isn’t the exploring type, then don’t worry. There’s something magical about disconnecting from technology and finding the time for unstructured play with your dog, taking in those playful moments and adorable snuggles. And of course, there’s plenty of space for sleepy pups to take a nap in our cabins, too.

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