Cabin Exterior

We’re thrilled to announced that Getaway is heading south to Georgia. We’re opening our first Outpost in the South less than two hours outside of Atlanta in Suches, Georgia, nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Our Atlanta Outpost is our fifth to date, alongside our newly-announced LA Outpost (opening 2019), and adding to our existing families of tiny cabins in DC, New York, and Boston.

We like to think of Getaway Atlanta as the southern extension of our ethos: to provide everything you need and nothing you don’t for an easily-accessible escape from the daily grind. With no WiFi and a cellphone lockbox, you’re free to do absolutely nothing, disconnect completely, and get back to nature.

Getaway Atlanta

We’re very happy to welcome overworked Southerners in need of an escape to our 40 tiny cabins. Located in tranquil Suches, Georgia, also known as “The Valley Above the Clouds,” the cabins – complete with comfy beds, a kitchen, games, hand-picked books, and our classic “big window” – will be available to book for Getaways starting this March.

See you soon, Atlanta.

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