A Getaway for the Books

In 2016 I went through a breakup. 

Having been in the relationship for eight years, I thought it wise to take some real time off of dating and for myself. I had no intentions of getting together with someone new. 

You know where this is going: fueled by an app and a need to satiate some insecurity (I hadn’t been ‘market-tested’ as a romantic partner in a long time!) I met someone new just two weeks later. 

The first date was good — in true Getaway fashion we talked about the professions of our grandparents — but it was a date about three weeks in that sealed the deal.

Michael told his roommates: “I met this guy who has these cabins in the woods that don’t have WiFi. They’re in secret locations.” Back then, we didn’t tell you where the cabins were in an attempt to prevent you from planning out your time off minute-by-minute. “If you don’t hear from me for a few days, start searching the woods within a two hour radius of Boston?” 

Trying not to make it awkward early-on (we hadn’t even DTR’d!) I didn’t tell him the day we were going away was my birthday. The Getaway team blew my cover: there were cupcakes, a bottle of Knob Creek, and balloons waiting in our cabin.

We stayed up until early in the morning. We stoked the campfire. We made s’mores and ate cupcakes. We talked about who knows what. We finished the bourbon. I delivered him back to his roommates alive.

Five years later, we’re still going strong.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

All Rights Reserved to Michelle Watt.

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