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Wildflowers of Getaway


The chirping of birds. The smell of the trees. The views of budding flowers all around you.

That feeling of being immersed in nature is a huge part of what makes Getaway special. Waking up and breathing in fresh air, walking around, and taking in all the natural beauty of our Outposts.

Make it an adventure and go on a wildflower hunt. Each of our Outposts have gorgeous flowers and plants native to the region – from New York to Portland, and everywhere in between. Here’s our guide:

Wildflowers at Getaway Beaver Creek

Columbiana County is home to many beautiful wildflowers year-round, including tall thistles, daisies, sunflowers, and ferns. Take a walk through on the walking path at Getaway Beaver Creek or venture out to nearby Beaver Creek State Park and see what you uncover.

Wildflowers at Getaway Big Bear

One of the first things you may notice when you take a walk at our first California Outpost is the many pinecones and incredible aroma of their trees. But if you search a little further, you may be able to spot some wildflowers at the Outpost or nearby at Big Bear Lake, including the California wild rose, lupines, lilies, fireweed, and sunflowers. Tis the season year round as well – keep an eye out for juniper mistletoe.


Wildflowers at Getaway Blake Brook

Drive 2 hours outside of Boston to Getaway Blake Brook, and explore all of the native flowers and plants that the Outpost has to offer. Everything from witch hazel to irises, yarrow, ferns, and waterlilies can be found in the area. See what delights you as you walk around the Outpost on our trail, and if you want even more, Bear Brook State Park, you’ll find countless bluets, sheep laurel, and so much more.

Wildflowers at Getaway Catskills

Our New York Outposts are just a 10 minute drive from each other, so you’ll find similar flora at both. Spot aster, sumac, witch hazel, goldenrods, and lobelias. If you head into the Catskills on your way there or back, you may spot some wild mint growing among snakeroots, bergamot, and various kinds of aster.

Wildflowers at Getaway Chattahoochee

Get ready for Trout lilies, redbuds, and so much more. You can head deeper into the forest to the Anna Ruby Falls Trail, a designated wildflower viewing area, where you’ll likely to see many varietals of trees and flowering shrubs, including strawberry bushes and dogwood. Stay closer to the Outpost and keep an eye out for lobelias, morning glories, and sunflowers.


Wildflowers at Getaway Mount Adams

Get mesmerized by all of the plants, trees, and flowers on the drive rom Portland to our Outpost just 2 hours from the city in scenic Glenwood, Washington. Common sightings at the Outpost and throughout the Mount Adams area include Pacific dogwoods, sunflowers, pearly everlasting, lupines, like the ones pictured above.

Wildflowers at Getaway Piney Woods

Making your way to our Outpost in East Texas? Be prepared for colorful native flowers, from the purple passionflower to the trumpet creeper, bitter sneezeweed, and pink scale blazing star. If you’re lucky, you may spot a gorgeous firewheel or bright blue dayflower, or just simply get lost among the trees.


Wildflowers at Getaway Shenandoah

If you’ve planned your escape for Getaway Shenandoah – you’re in luck. There are so many gorgeous, colorful species of flowers and plants right in your backyard. Find some magnolias or tulips, coneflowers, dogwoods, morning glories, even purple thistles and chicory. Venture into Shenandoah National Park and get lost in the aster and sunflowers. For a full list of species you could find in the park, check out this handy guide.

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