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Explore Getaway Big Bear

Your Getaway is about finding time to disconnect in order to reconnect – whether with family, friends, or nature. After or en route from Los Angeles to a restful break at one of our cabins, there’s plenty to explore in the Big Bear Lake area, whatever may pique your interest.

Here’s our Outpost guide to nearby attractions and things to do along the way:

Getting There

Nestled in the woods of Running Springs, your secluded escape is easily accessible from Los Angeles. Driving is the quickest way to travel to your Getaway—parking is easy, just pull up right beside your tiny cabin. If you don’t have any wheels, you can take a Greyhound bus to San Bernardino Depot, then hop in an Uber or Lyft for the remainder of the journey. In the winter, you may see snowfall at Getaway Big Bear; be sure to check local weather conditions and plan your safe journey to the Outpost accordingly.

Walks in the Mountains near Getaway Big Bear

Lake Gregory Trail
Distance: 2.3 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Dogs allowed on-leash
This shady loop around Lake Gregory is a favorite fishing spot and features gorgeous wild flowers and lovely scenery. There’s a small park and drinking fountain bowl for dogs.

Heaps Peak Arboretum 
Distance: 0.8 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Dogs allowed on-leash
An easy walk for everyone, grab a map from the kiosk before starting the trail to read up on the types of local trees and wildlife that surround the area.

LA hike mountain

Keller Peak
Distance: 12.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Dogs allowed on-leash + horse-friendly
Along the way to Keller Peak are a children’s garden and a Ranger Fire outlook at the peak for stunning views. For a shorter hike, you can drive part of the way and walk to the summit.

Arrowhead Pinacles Trail
Distance: 4.6 miles
Difficulty: Hard
Dogs allowed on-leash
Arrowhead Pinacles Trail is a steep, difficult trail that will keep you puffing. Enjoy the boulders and panoramic views throughout, especially the 360-degree lookout from the top. There’s not much shade, so get hiking later in the afternoon or in the early morning to avoid the heat.

Sustenance and Snacks near Getaway Big Bear

Jensen’s Food, 31987 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs, CA 92382
~ 5 min from Outpost
A friendly local market near the Outpost where you can stock up on fresh veggies, baked goods (try the donuts), sandwiches, and drinks. Visit on the weekend for a BBQ.

LuluBelle’s Coffee House and Bakery, 31621 Pleasant Drive, Running Springs CA 92382
~ 5 min from Outpost
LuluBelle’s Coffee House and Bakery is a café and bakery using local organic foods with some of the best pastries in Running Springs. If you’re heading to Getaway to celebrate a special occasion, this is a great place to stop to grab some treats to bring into nature with you. 

Stater Bros. Market, 28100 CA-189, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
~ 15 min from Outpost
Stater Bros. Market is a full supermarket along Lake Arrowhead with everything you’ll need for your stay.

LA hike mountain

On the Local Menu

Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger, 25187 CA-18, Crestline, CA 92325
~ 15 min from Outpost
Munch on Hortencia’s Mexican cuisine and ogle at the panoramic view of the San Bernadino Valley. Stay for the sunset or visit on a weekend for live music.

Belgian Waffle Works
~ 15 min from Outpost
Family owned and operated along the docks of Lake Arrowhead, this waffle house is open for breakfast and lunch, serving huge portions and unique waffle combinations, such as Mud-Pie, S’more, and Peanutty.

Lou Eddies Pizza
~ 10 min from Outpost
Lou Eddies offers gourmet pizzas or create-your-owns inside a 100+ year-old building. The beer served at its quaint bar is home-brewed, and seating spills onto outside patios where you can eat a pie and enjoy live music.

Old Country Coffee Shop and Diner
~ 5 min from Outpost
Breakfast at this cute little diner is split between American and Mexican plates, and both options are delicious. The quick, friendly service and cozy interior have made this eatery a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

For a round-up of organizations and Black-owned businesses to support in Los Angeles, see our list.

For Your Free Time

Disconnect from Your Holiday

In today’s world where we’re seemingly forced to stay connected and always ‘on’ – it’s hard to take time to ourselves.  This is especially true around the holidays, when obligations tend to double and our social calendars are full to the brim.

We talk a lot about balancing our personal and work lives, but balance isn’t always a given within our personal lives themselves. We have to strike a balance between keeping up with personal appointments and duties and finding time to indulge in ourselves.

Spend Time in Nature

For those really needing to get away from the holiday stress this year, a great way to spend the holiday solo without feeling any pangs of sadness or nostalgia is to break out of your usual holiday setting.

Go on a solo camping trip or maybe a long road trip!

Spending time in nature not only brings us back to the things that matter, allows us the time and space to reflect inward instead of prioritizing our availability to others.


Maybe spending time with friends and loved ones is important to you, and you just need to carve out an hour for yourself every day to maintain sanity.

A great way to implement this into your daily routine during the holidays is to start going for daily walks by yourself.  Start your day with some alone time, or maybe just keep a mid-day walk as your back pocket option for whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Spend time in nature

However you choose to disconnect from your setting and obligations, don’t forget to disconnect from technology as well. We may be physically removed from a space, but if our phone is blowing up, we are not able to fully take the time to ourselves that we need.

Find Balance

A great way to find balance during the crazy holiday season is to remember that you don’t have to participate in or agree to everything.  With family coming into town, or stressful travel plans, or a different holiday party every weekend – oftentimes, our days get filled for us and suddenly the entire holiday is spent on things you feel you’re ‘supposed’ to do.

Everyone feels the stress of demands during the holiday, but it takes courage and dedication to ourselves to try and change it. Finding balance could also mean simply switching to a more peaceful activity, like staying home and learning how to make hot cocoa from scratch versus going out to a big event.

The most important thing to remember is that taking the time and space to prioritize ourselves and maintain balance during the holidays comes from a place of taking care of ourselves isn’t reflective of how we feel about our loved ones.

Happy disconnected holidays!