A Year of Rest | Guest Stories

Meet Our Recipients of Rest

 Back in June, we launched 100 Nights of Rest to provide 100 free Getaways to those fighting for change who need a space to rest. We were blown away by the response, receiving thousands of heartfelt nominations from across the country. In light of the critical work still taking place, we knew we couldn’t stop at 100 nights.

We’re thrilled to announce A Year of Rest in partnership with Rachel Cargle, The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and Miir. In total we’ll be providing 365 nights of rest for Black people working for change, and those fighting for the Black community. 

 “I often say that being our best selves is our highest service. As so many Black people continue earnestly on the front lines demanding justice, there is a critical need for rest and restoration to continue the fight. Getaway is a space to find just that—the type of ease and repose that is so deeply deserved.”  

-Rachel Cargle, Activist, Public Academic, Writer, and Founder of the Loveland Foundation

Know someone doing the hard work who’d benefit from a night of rest in nature? Nominate them here.

Amanda Reid

Amanda is a calligraphy artist and the founder of @calligraphersofcolor, which celebrates BIPOC artists in the wedding industry.

Anastasia Tompkin

Anastasia is a perceptive and talented writer, a caring and loyal friend, and a defender of her community.

Andre Mercharles

As a photo journalist, storyteller, and documenter, Andre has been out on the streets snapping the raw moments of protests around the country and capturing moments the media is not showing us.

Angela Patton

Angela has turned a labor of love into a force that fully supports and guides Black girls in the Richmond, VA area.

Ashley Ogal

Every day, Ashley supports and honors educators, hosting workshops and retreats that allow for real conversations about divisions in the classroom and community to happen amongst all educational workers.

Ayanna Lyons

Ayanna has made advocacy for incarcerated folks her life’s work, dedicating her time to the Petey Greene Program, a program that trains volunteers to support the academic goals of incarcerated students.

Bola Ibidapo

Bola is the founder of The Queen Talk, which is a program that teaches young women (particularly black women) to be leaders.

Brandon Patterson

Brandon is a high school English teacher who has created an “Inclusion and Equity Team” at our school in which he has led likeminded teachers to support their students by teaching, encouraging, and embracing anti-racism.

Brandon Holloman

Brandon volunteers with Black youth to support and encourage their writing and rapping so that they feel empowered to productively speak up and speak out.

Brittany T. Paschall

Brittany is an organizer, teacher, and a wonderful friend who displays her leadership, care, and astounding ability to handle just about any task with grace.

Camara Stokes Hudson

Camara is an advocate for juvenile justice reform, pursuing a J.D. at NYU Law focused on child/family rights, race equity, and educational equity.

Carrie Kholi-Murchison

Carrie is a Head of People and Culture leading strategic and DEI efforts to help dismantle inequitable systems across the wellness industry.

Chanea Bond

Chanea goes above and beyond for her students, putting their feelings and needs above her own, and providing food for the kids who can’t afford lunch at school.

Chichi Agorom

One part healer, one part fighter, Chichi’s life’s work as a mental health counselor is to help all people feel less alone and more known.

Christina Rice

As the founder of OmNoire, a social wellness community for women of color, Christina has been working tirelessly to provide a safe space for Black women.

Deolu Aromolaran

Delou is a pediatrics resident who works in a hospital treating primarily minority patients.

Dominique Owens

Dominique is a very committed nurse who exemplifies what a nurse should be, especially after treating COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

Efe Osaren

Efe is a doula who started in reproductive justice on Rikers Island and is now pursuing nursing and masters in midwifery to better serve her clients.

Erin Gaines

Erin is a liscensed music therapist in a prison, spreading joy and providing essential therapy during this period of isolation.

Esther Hardy

Esther is an incredible advocate for Black youth and women working to create spaces for Black women to come together in solidarity, strength, and joy.

Evainna Ross

Evainna started The Black Suit Initiative to help at-risk young Black men explore career opportunities and build leadership skills, working tirelessly as part mother/sister/friend to every one of them.

Everett Arthur

Everett Arthur not only focuses on gun violence prevention and bettering the material conditions of Black communities, but he consistently advocates for Black women and Black queer people in navigating the workplace.

Haquika “Kika” Howze

Kika is a force with incredible energy who has always been at the forefront of uplifting, educating, and creating action for the health and economic advancement of the Black community.

Hugh H.D. Hunter

Hugh is one of the most consistently vocal activists as a writer and facilitator for Black representation and educational reform in schools.

Ieasha Ramsey

Ieasha is a therapist with a deep devotion to healing her community and to supporting Black women’s mental health.

Jasmine Edwards

Jasmine has been working as a Music Therapist in the Pediatrics Unit of Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital in NYC since the first week that the coronavirus pandemic hit our city.

Jasmine Marie

Jasmine is the founder of @blackgirlsbreathing—an organization creating safe spaces for Black Women to breathe, heal trauma, and be themselves.

Jo Ayuso

Jo created Movement Education Outdoors (MEO) to engage youth of color “to experience wellness in an outdoor environment.”

Kayla Vinson

Kayla, a Law Fellow at the Equal Justice Initiative, has led efforts to rename the Montgomery public schools, many of which are named after Confederate generals.

Kelabe Tewolde

Kelabe is an advisor to over 90 low income students of color in Seattle and has raised money to buy food from black-owned businesses to hand out during protests.

Leila Marchbanks

On top of fighting for Black lives daily and raising two sons, Leila Marchbanks is a teacher who is pushing for changes in school curriculum and she recently launched The Book At The Table.

Lina Washington

Lina Washington is one of few Black female sports broadcasters, and she used her voice to create @boardsforchange, raising over $10,000 for Black Lives Matter.

Lynsey Weatherspoon

Lynsey is an editorial photographer on the frontlines of the BLM movement, documenting the changes as they happen in the Southeast, with work in The New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today.

Madin Lopez

Madin runs a non-profit organization called ProjectQ, which provides free gender affirming haircuts and other services to homeless LBGTQIA+ youth.

Mariah Parker

Mariah is not only an influential black artist, PhD candidate, and activist, but she’s also the Athens-Clark County Commissioner at the age of 26.

Marlene Boyette

Marlene Boyette radiates positive, healing energy and uses her yoga practice to support people around her of all ages to practice radical self care.

Mekeala Joseph

As the director of Step It Up After School, Mekeala has built a community of young people who encourage one another in their passions, who have gained the strength to be transparent about their feelings and fears, and who love one another.

Melony Samuels

Rev. Dr. Samuels is the founder and executive director of the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger (BSCAH), NYC’s largest emergency food pantry, offering support services including tax preparation, healthy cooking classes, and a variety of community needs.

Michelle Dowe

Michelle has spent almost all of her adult life fighting for Black children, Black families, and Black futures as a single parent and within her work at Child Protective Services.

Naomi Grevemberg

Naomi teaches about anti-racism through her organization “Diversity Vanlife” which provides a safe space for BIPOC in the van life community.

Olithea Anglin

Olithea is an incredible artist and activist, writing music, anthems, and tributes as expressions of Black resilience, excellence, beauty, and strength.

Paula Champagne

Paula is a storyteller, an artist, and an essence-capturer, working hard to showcase Black people’s place in nature.

Peyton Dix

As the special projects editor of InStyle Magazine and the previous social media manager for PAPER Magazine, Peyton Dix has been pushing the culture for LGBTQ and black communities front and center.

Rach Junard

Rach—a black, queer yogi—has transcended the traditional yoga studio by building her own following through @yougoodsis and hosting inclusive wellness events.

Raheim Robinson

Raheim is a wonderful father and passionate climber who’s dedicated to creating a sustainable, diverse outdoor climbing industry.

Riyona Abraham

Since she can’t risk exposure to COVID-19 by going to protests, Riyona, a registered nurse working in one of Chicago’s largest Neonatal ICUs, has been organizing fellow nurses in a silent kneeling protest of their own on the hospital rooftop for 8 minutes 46 seconds every day.

Rocky Lane

Rocky works tirelessly for the Black trans and LGBTQ+ community as the board chair for Transgender Education Network of Texas.

Shaina Harrison

Over the past 15 years, Shaina has been fighting to amplify the voices of young Black teens living in communities disproportionately affected by violence and poverty.

Tami Sawyer

Tami is an activist, elected official, and community leader who led the movement to take down our confederate statues.

Tanya Denise Fields

Tanya is a mother of six, the founder of The Black Feminist Project and “Black Joy Farm,” and she’s one of the most passionate, transparent, resilient, and powerfully humble women I’ve ever met.

Tanya Nixon-Silberg

Tanya is one of the cofounders of Boston’s Wee The People, a social justice project that aims to teach children about using their voices for justice, resistance, and activism.

Taylor Jett

Taylor has always fought to affect change for marginalized communities, and recently raised over 100k in donations for more than 10 organizations.

Tina Alexander

Tina is a dedicated, compassionate, empathetic, and fierce social worker at UT Austin’s counseling center, providing therapeutic services to many of the 50,000+ students.

Yeshimabeit Milner

Yeshi is the founder and executive director of Data for Black Lives, a movement of scientists and activists working to make data a tool for social change.

Zakiya Bell-Rogers

Zakiya works as a domestic violence educator and has an incredibly special and unique way of making people, especially survivors, feel seen, validated, and lifted-up.