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Meet an Artist Fellow: Illustrator and Print Artist, Erin Wallace

Earlier this year we hosted Illustrator and Print Artist, Erin Wallace at Getaway Skagit Valley about an hour outside of Seattle, so she could disconnect from the noise and reconnect to her creativity in nature. She crafted a series of prints inspired by the myriad wildflowers at the Outpost. We sat down with Erin to talk about her creative process and her Getaway—here’s what she had to say.

Fill us in on your background—personally and in your creative practice.

I am an artist and illustrator based in Seattle. I grew up making things and creating art. I was always so fascinated by how something that was in my head could just be.. real! I try and bring that same excitement to the work that I do currently.  

How does your connection to nature influence you personally, and how does it influence your art?

Nature is for sure my #1 inspiration. There is so much interaction between artists and the environment, I don’t think there’s an easy way to separate the two. Something about the organization and wildness that can exists in even the smallest little plot of earth. From shapes to colors, and textures and shadows – I try to look at it all as often as possible.

How was your Getaway?

My Getaway was really fun! The time in the cabin was so nice – to just be by myself and have a little area to go on a walk. I loved being able to build a fire and enjoy some wine while sketching and reading.

You can follow Erin at @erinwallaceprint on Instagram and her