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Getaway Artist Fellow Profile: Forage Paper Co.’s Christina Chun

Getaway Postcards

Meet Christina Chun. Christina is a talented illustrator-turned-entrepreneur, running her very own stationery business called Forage Paper Co.

Christina is also one of our recent Artist Fellows in New York. You may have caught some of her work if you purchased our Black Friday deal; she designed beautiful postcards below inspired by her Getaway stay. We loved the postcards so much, we printed them up and sent them along to our guests who booked on Black Friday. Take a look at the design below.

We sat down with Christina to talk about her stationery work, what inspires her, and how she gets away.

Let’s start off by introducing yourself.
Hello! My name is Christina Chun. I currently live and work in New York City with my husband and my studio-mate German Shepherd. After graduating from college with a degree in illustration, I worked as a freelance illustrator for many years until Forage Paper Co. came into the picture.

How did you start Forage Paper Co.?
Several years ago, I started creating my own stationery and sharing them with everyone–friends, family, my local community, and the internet. To my pleasant surprise, people began purchasing them and retailers started carrying my cards in their shops! It was then when I realized that merging my love for illustrations and my passion for stationery was the perfect marriage. After mustering up enough courage, I started my very own business: Forage Paper Co. officially opened in 2015 in Oakland, California.

Where do you go for inspiration?
I forage for inspiration and ideas wherever I go. It can be as grand as my travels around the globe or quotidian as a walk through Central Park with my dog. From there, it all gets recorded in my sketchbook, and then I take it to the literal drawing board.

Forage Paper

How do you recharge?
I recharge by either reading, cooking new recipes, exploring a new part of the city, or spending time with friends.

Where do you go to get away?
Living in New York City, Central Park is my get-away. Thankfully, I live close by and can enjoy it whenever I please.

What sound do you find most relaxing?
There’s nothing like the sound of a heavy downpour with a chorus of thunder. It can put me right to sleep!

Let’s talk analog in a digital world. What does making stationery mean to you in 2018?
Nowadays, everything we do is quick and on-the-go. We microwave our food; we send emails from our phones; we snap, click, and go. In this hyper digitized climate, nothing beats receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. Why? Because it’s saturated with purpose and thoughtfulness.

When I see someone smiling as they pick up my products, I know they intend to share a slice of that joy with pen on paper. Seeing it truly affirms my belief that people desire to be connected to others. There is nothing more poignant and meaningful than a handwritten note. Knowing that my stationery can be the sweet medium makes me happy.

What’s your dream illustration and/or stationery project?
The beauty of my job is that I get to illustrate my dreams anytime I want–and I have. I pour myself into my illustrations, and I think others get a glimpse of it in my work. In terms of projects, I am always cooking up ideas in my studio. I recently launched a series of notepads, and I have plans to expand my line even more!

Finish the sentence. At Getaway…
I took my time cooking over white-hot embers, slept without an alarm, woke up to the best view of fall foliage, and read to my heart’s content.

Forage Paper Co. can be found online, Etsy, locally, and on Instagram and Facebook at @foragepaperco.

Photo by Lindsey Swedick from Forage Paper Co.