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Explore Our New York Outpost, Getaway Eastern Catskills

Here’s a handy guide for getting to our New York Outpost, Getaway Eastern Catskills, and local spots to pick up any supplies you may need. While there’s a lot to do in the area, we suggest taking a break from planning in excess and simply enjoying the time away from your daily routine and hustle.

Parking + Public Transportation

Parking at Getaway Eastern Catskills is easy; simply drive up and park directly next to your tiny cabin. If you don’t have wheels, don’t worry.  Our Outposts can be accessed by a variety of ways on public transportation:

  • From Penn Station, you can take Amtrak to the Hudson, NY stop, then grab a cab (we recommend Pronto Taxi, 518-822-9500, cash only) for about a 20-25 min ride to your Getaway House.
  • From the NYC Greyhound station, you can take it to the Catskill Park & Ride, then take a taxi from there.
  • From Grand Central, you can take MetroNorth to Poughkeepsie, and you could Uber over from there. It’s an hour ride and will probably be pricey (about $150), so it’s a better option if you split it with friends.

Walks in the Woods

Want to remove the walls between you and nature? Take a trip down one of these nearby hiking trails just a short drive away.

Kaaterskill Falls
Distance: 2.5 miles, about 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Dogs allowed

Directions from Getaway Eastern Catskills

This hike is short, though it is also steep and can get rocky. But all the effort is totally worth it when you reach the gorgeous waterfall.

Overlook Mountain Trail
Distance: 4.8 miles, about 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Dogs allowed on-leash

Directions from Getaway Eastern Catskills

The stunning view from the top of this hike makes you forget about the strenuous slog to get there. You’ll also find an old fire tower and ruins of a former hotel at the summit, and at the start or end of your hike, you can visit a Buddhist temple.

North-South Lake
Distance: 4.1 miles, about 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Dogs allowed on-leash

Directions from Getaway Eastern Catskills

Follow Mary’s Glen Trail to enjoy the views from Artist’s Rock, Sunset Rock, Newman’s Ledge, and North Point, then reward yourself with a dip in the lake. Or simply skip the hike and enjoy the water!

Sustenance & Snacks

If you’re in need of extra supplies, you can find several stores nearby to fulfill your needs and fill your belly.

Last Chance Cheese, 6009 Main St, Tannersville, New York, 12485
You’ll find so much more than just cheese here! Sit down for a meal at the tavern, search for treasure among the antiques, peruse the gourmet offerings in the shop, and choose from a huge selection of beer and, of course, cheese.

Hannaford, 223 Main St, Cairo, NY 12413
Hannaford is a full supermarket so you can stock up here.

Crossroads Brewing Company, 201 Water Street Catskill, NY 12015
To enjoy a pint of beer or a glass of wine on the bank of the Catskill creek, head to the Crossroads Brewing Company’s Taproom.

Tousey Winery,  1774 New York, U.S. 9, Germantown, NY 12526
To taste some of the local flavors of Catskill, NY head to Tousey Winery prepared to find a new favorite wine. 

Notes on Nature

  • The Catskills are made up of 98 peaks, and they were shaped by waterways and sediment deposits, meaning that geologically they are considered a dissected plateau, not mountains.
  • Bobcats do live in the region, and many people believe that is what inspired the name Catskills, though that hasn’t been proven to be true.
  • Golden eagles, bald eagles, and a variety of hawks are common in the area, so you might spot them soaring overhead.

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