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Explore Getaway Asheboro

One of the most exciting aspects of heading to a Getaway Outpost is the opportunity to get to know the towns and regions where the Outpost is located.

As we opened our new Outpost between Charlotte and Raleigh, roughly 90 minutes from each, we discovered some amazing spots that we can’t wait for you to check out too. Here are a few of our favorites:

Raleigh to Getaway Asheboro: Road Trip Pitstops

Copeland Springs Farm and Kitchen
~45 minutes from Raleigh
~50 minutes from the Outpost

Discover this beautiful, sustainable farm in Pittsboro. Committed to growing nutritious food with environmentally sustainable practices, they also operate a kitchen, serving delicious dishes crafted from their produce. They even encourage you to enjoy your food anywhere on their 16-acre property.

Fair Game Beverage Co.
~45 minutes from Raleigh
~50 minutes from the Outpost

One part bottle shop, one part souvenir shop, one part tasting room, Fair Game Beverage Co. in Pittsboro, was Carolina’s 13th legal distillery. They offer tastings of some of the oldest barrel aged spirits in the area, along with their wine, their cider, local craft beer, and specialty regional food items.

Jordan Lake
~30 minutes from Raleigh
~60 minutes from the Outpost

Jordan Lake is a 14,000-acre reservoir with an undeveloped hilly shoreline. There are seven swim beaches and nearly 14 miles of hiking trails, most of which are easy and ideal for families. The wildlife includes osprey and bald eagles.

Charlotte to Getaway Asheboro: Road Trip Pitstops

Stony Mountain Vineyards
~70 minutes from Charlotte
~50 minutes from the Outpost

Stony Mountain Vineyards is a family-owned boutique winery in the beautiful Uwharrie Mountains. Dedicated to the passion of winemaking, they invite you to do a wine tasting, schedule a winery tour, or simply enjoy a glass of wine on the deck with panoramic views of the countryside.

Rob Wallace Park Loop
~35 minutes from Charlotte
~75 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: 2.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy

This trail is known to be well-maintained and quiet. It’s ideal for all skill levels, good for kids, and dog friendly, but it’s recommended to bring hats and sunscreen as most of the trail is exposed to the sun. Don’t miss the stunning deep-water quarry lake at the end of the loop.

Walks in the Woods near Getaway Asheboro

Purgatory Mountain Trailhead
~8 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: 1.8 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

This scenic hike to the top of Purgatory Mountain is a great way to top off a day spent at The North Carolina Zoo, as the trail begins on their property. Uphill but not strenuous, it’s good for kids, dog-friendly, and meticulously maintained and marked for navigational ease.

Faith Rock Nature Trail
~20 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: .08 miles
Difficulty: Easy

This loop along Deep River is ideal for all skill levels and kids, plus it features plenty of wildlife. It passes by Faith Rock, a large bluestone outcropping, known for stunning river views and a peek of the ruins of an old textile mill.

Uwharrie National Recreation Trail
~30 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: 18.9 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

In its entirety, this trail covers the length of Uwharrie National Park. Crossing several creeks, this trail is not heavily trafficked, known to be peaceful and quiet, and has plenty of beautiful flora and small fauna to look at along the way. It’s dog-friendly and hiking short portions is great for kids.

Birkhead Mountain Trail
~ 30 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: 11.6
Difficulty: Moderate

This year-round loop features a river and is part of the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness, a protected mountain range intended for public use. These mountains are considered to be the oldest on the North American continent, with evidence of early Native American life dating back over 12,000 years.

Coolers Knob Mountain
~ 30 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: 2.5
Difficulty: Easy

Part of the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness, this back trail is great for all skill levels and known for its wide array of wild flowers and many stream crossings. Hike between April and October for the best experience.

Keyauwee Supertree Woodrun Loop Trail
~30 minutes from the Outpost
Hike Distance: 12.4
Difficulty: Moderate

A long hike if done as a loop, this moderate up and down trail is known for amazing downhill sections, beautiful wildflowers, and birdwatching. The trail is dog-friendly, heavily wooded, and dotted with creeks.

Sips and Sustenance near Getaway Asheboro

The Table
~15 minutes from the Outpost
A charming family-run restaurant, located in downtown Asheboro, that celebrates seasonal cooking, strong community, and the importance of gathering round the kitchen table. Southern hospitality meets comfort food meets garden-fresh at this dine-in cafe and carry-out market.

Four Saints Brewing Company
~15 minutes from the Outpost
Four Saints Brewing’s mission is to provide great beer for great people, and pays homage to the patron saints of beer: Saint Wenceslaus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Luke, and Saint Augustine of Hippo. Through brewing, they hope to grow the local economy, support meaningful organizations and charities, and create a place where hospitality matters and everyone feels welcome.

Magnolia 23
~15 minutes from the Outpost
Find simple good food and good service at this snug eatery in downtown Asheboro. Known for their delicious southern cooking—specifically their fried chicken and sweet tea—and congenial warmth, you’ll feel like you’re visiting neighbors at Magnolia 23.

Food Lion
~11 minutes from the Outpost
To stock up before your Getaway so you can prepare your favorite meals, head to Food Lion for locally-sourced options to support the community around the Outpost.

Sidetrips near Getaway Asheboro

The North Carolina Zoo
~8 minutes from the Outpost
Situated directly between Raleigh and Charlotte, The North Carolina zoo is the world’s largest natural habitat zoo. They house primarily African and North American animals, with a strong focus on conservation and nature-based educational programs. This is a great place to visit with kids—tickets are $11 for children, $15 for adults, and free for children under two. Plus, make sure to check the feeding schedule so you see your favorite animals.

Richland Creek Zipline Canopy Tour
~10 minutes from the Outpost
Richland Creek is one of the first ziplines in North Carolina, and consists of 14 ziplines totaling over one and a half miles of cable. Their prices are the lowest in the area, so feel free to bring the whole family. All tours are given by a trained and certified tour guide, and depending on the size of your group, your tour will last about two hours.

The North Carolina Aviation Museum
~20 minutes from the Outpost
The North Carolina Aviation Museum, located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, offers a diverse set of interactive exhibits which tell stories from the beginning of flight through contemporary aviation. Great for kids who want to experience the wonders of aviation first hand.

Pisgah Covered Bridge
~20 minutes from the Outpost
Built in 1911 for $40 USD to aid in horse and wagon travel, this 54 foot bridge is one of North Carolina’s two remaining covered bridges. Visit this historic landmark located in Uwharrie National Forest, which crosses the West Fork Branch of the Little River.

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