How to Getaway | Tips for Getting Away

The Getaway Bookshelf

Our cabins have everything you need and nothing you don’t—including some great reads vetted by our team and our guests to help you disconnect from the noise, spend some time in reflection, and reconnect to what matters most. If you enjoyed a book during your stay, but forgot to write down the title before you left, we’ve got you covered. Here are the books you’ll find in each of our cabins.

Getting Away: 75 Everyday Practices for Finding Balance in Our Always-On World by Jon Staff

Getting Away, by our founder, Jon Staff, is the perfect book to bring the feelings of your Getaway home with you. In Getting Away, Staff outlines 75 everyday practices you can implement into your week to disconnect from the noise and reconnect to what matters most. Read this book cover to cover for some ideas to deepen your connection with yourself and your loved ones.

Ultimate Book of Card Games: The Comprehensive Guide to More Than 350 Games by Scott McNeely

One of our favorite ways to disconnect is with a deck of cards, so McNeely’s book is an essential guide to every card game you can think of. We love implementing a digital sabbath, described in Getting Away as one day per week with no screens, and spending an evening instead learning a new card game with friends and family.

What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky by Kelsey Oseid

For astronomy and astrology geeks alike, What We See in The Stars provides details for finding the constellations alongside the myths and legends behind them. If you’re headed to Getaway, make sure to study your favorite constellations and then try to find them in the night sky.

Wanderlust, by Gestalten

Each cabin also has a copy from Gestalten’s Wanderlust series, capturing some of the most scenic spots in the world to inspire the traveler in you to get out into nature and explore more.

Andersen and The Pied Piper of Hameln by Little Gestalten

For our junior explorers, we also have two books by Little Gestalten with beautiful illustrations of classic tales. Let them escape into a story while you escape to nature.

On Trails: An Exploration by Robert Moor

On Trails is part memoir, part nature writing. Robert Moor was an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker who became increasingly interested in the trails under our feet, and he began some adventures to look into how our roads and trails and paths emerged and changed over time, and he interweaves science, history, and philosophy into the tales of his trips.

How to Getaway: Finding Balance in Our Overworked, Overcrowded, Always-On World by Jon Staff and Pete Davis

How to Getaway by our founders, Jon Staff and Pete Davis, investigates our troubled relationships to technology and work in modern life. They look at the science and history behind our seeming inability to slow down in our lives, and provide ideas and remedies to find more balance.

How to Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to practice mindfulness, check out How to Relax by world-renowned zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh. In this book, Hanh details the essential components of what constitutes a mindful practice, and with those essentials under your belt, you’ll be able to identify all the opportunities that lie in each day for you to practice presence and letting go.

What was your favorite read during your last escape to nature?