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How to Prepare for Your Disconnected Getaway

It’s no secret that we love to disconnect. Throw our phones in the cell phone lockbox, ignore notifications for a few days, and just enjoy the simple respite of nature.

Many of our Outposts have little to no cell phone reception to help you embrace the true freedom of being remote. While that’s an exciting notion for many, it can be daunting for some. We put together a handy guide to help you prepare for your remote Getaway.

1. Download how to get there and how to get back

Photo by Kelsey Ann Rose (

In our cities, we rely so heavily on our phones and GPS, it can be hard to remember that those handy tools are dependent on good service. Your best bet to ensuring you know exactly how to get to where you need to be (and equally important – how to get back home), is to download necessary directions to your phone. Even better, go old school and print them out. If you’re using Google maps, check out this handy guide.

2. Print out directions to any local attractions you want to go to

Peruse through the Journal right here to find recommendations near your Outpost. If you’d like to go anywhere during your stay, be sure to download and/or print instructions on how to get there and back.

3. Be sure you’re packing the right things

Check out our packing lists ahead of time. We provide all the essentials so you don’t have to bring too much with you, but note that sometimes grocery stores or modern conveniences aren’t right around the corner.

4. Know the Outpost address

Keep it handy. We recommend physically writing it down, but you can always save it to the notes section on your phone. A pro tip: check the map for a nearby landmark that’s en route. You’ll know you are close by when you’ve passed that landmark.

5. Know our customer service number

You can always call us if you run into trouble, as there is a landline in your cabin. Our number is (617) 914-0021. The number will also be in your cabin should you need anything ahead of arrival.

6. We’re here to help

Our Outposts outside of Portland and Atlanta have a help phone if you run into any issues when you’re outside of your cabin. Refer to your map (remember – you already have it downloaded on your phone) for its location.

7. Don’t be scared, no service can be a blessing

What better way to appreciate the present than to remove all the distractions around you?

Have any questions? Email us at [email protected]

How to Getaway

The Art of the Girls’ Getaway: Dog-Friendly Edition

Sometimes there’s nothing better than escaping the city with your girlfriends and reconnecting in nature. Whether you want to explore a new hike together or just spend some wifi-free time bonding, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to spend a girls’ Getaway.

Play Cards

Going wifi-free with your friends is a great way to rediscover fun games, like cards. Every cabin comes with a set of cards and without the distraction of phones, you and your girlfriends can focus on the fun of the game and each other.

Explore Together

This is your chance to get outside and appreciate the beauty of nature together. Gather your friends and bring your pup along for a fun hike. We recommend packing a picnic, with dog treats for your furry friend, for when you all reach the summit.


Recreate the sleepovers from your teenage years by doing a face mask together. If skin care isn’t your thing, bring along some essential oils for an aromatherapy night. Have some self-care time together and pamper yourselves on your well-deserved break. If you brought along your dog, we recommend giving them a dog toy so they can feel special too.

Activity Time

Every cabin comes with a set of activities, ranging from word puzzles to questions to ask each other. Laugh over questions or put your minds together to solve the puzzles. Some activities are pup-friendly, like going forest bathing or tracing constellations. If you’re looking to bond with your fellow humans, give your pup this dog bone to keep them occupied.

Just Be

Don’t be afraid to do nothing together. Feel free to just relax together and snuggle up your pups. After all, you should go home feeling rested and recharged.

Ready for a girls’ Getaway? Grab your friends and hit the road. If you’re looking for more dog friendly tips, read more from our friends at Chewy.

How to Getaway

Everything You Need To Know For a Solo Getaway

A solo trip can be exactly what you need to feel refreshed and recharged, but we know you want to be sure you’re safe. That’s why we’ve put together a list of reasons why you can feel safe and confident during your solo Getaway.

Dallas Outpost

The Lock

All of our cabins are kept secure with a lock code instead of a key. This lock code is only provided to you, ensuring that both you and your belongings are kept safe and secure inside your cabin.

The Phone

Every cabin comes with a cellphone lockbox so guests can experience the relief of true disconnection. Having said that, solo travelers with minimal service might want a way to contact others in the event of an emergency. That’s why all Getaway cabins come with a landline, so you can feel safe knowing you have a point of contact just in case.

Our Team

Our team is here to support on during your trip. If you run into any problems or have any questions, we’re here to help. You can reach out to our Community team at the number provided in your cabin and someone from Getaway will be happy to assist you.

The Activities

We encourage our guests to simply do nothing and recharge. However, if you’re feeling jittery, many of the options available to couples and families are open for you too. Our cabins come stocked with books, a radio, and an activity booklet if you want a relaxing activity. If you want to go on a hike, just remember to bring plenty of food and water and be mindful of when sunset is. We also recommend a headlamp and compass if you want to be extra prepared.

The Solo Travelers

You don’t have to take our word for it. We always love hearing from guests who traveled to Getaway alone. Check out some of their thoughts below.

“I came solo and was nervous going in, not knowing what to expect. I felt very safe. It was quiet and secluded but I didn’t feel alone. I only stayed one night but would love to return for a weekend.” Leigh-Ann W., The Phillip

“I am a mother, entrepreneur, wife, and activist and I am always ‘on.’ I have been wanting to escape and unplug for months and I am so grateful I acted on this impulse- it was honestly the best gift I have ever given myself. Time alone in the cabin with my art, a book, and my thoughts was sublime. I came back refreshed and renewed.” Jennifer P., The Lorraine

“As someone who loves camping, but wouldn’t be comfortable camping alone, this gave me the best of all worlds. Security, coziness, quiet, fire, and fresh air.” Maura L., The Linda

“I took this solo trip with my dog to work on music and get away from the city, and it was amazing. I never felt like something was missing. It was so productive and much needed and I ended up creating amazing material.” Ariel G., The Shelby

Ready for a solo escape of your own? Book your cabin now.

How to Getaway

How to Toast the Perfect S’more

No outdoor adventure is complete without a campfire and no campfire is complete with a toasty s’more. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite tips and tricks for the perfect gooey and chocolatey treat.

  1. Get extra toasty. There’s nothing worse than unmelted chocolate. Set up your graham cracker and chocolate on top on a piece of foil and place it near the fire. Spin it periodically to make sure the chocolate warms evenly. When you put your marshmallow on, the chocolate will melt every time.
  2. Know yourself. The marshmallow makes or breaks a good s’more. Whether you like your marshmallows golden brown or nearly burnt, make sure to keep an eye out for your preferred gooeyness.
  3. Just keep spinning. For the perfect s’more, consistency is key. Keep spinning the marshmallow when you toast it, so it cooks evenly, especially when you have a bigger fire.
  4. Eat and repeat. The only thing tastier than one warm, sweet treat is two.

Ready to take these tips to the campfire? Book your restful escape now.

How to Getaway

Tips for Traveling with Your Pup

We know that furry friends can be the best travel companions around. While Getaway is pup-friendly, not everyone else is, so knowing how to pack for travel with your dog is especially important.

We’ve put together some tips and guidelines to make getting away with your pup a breeze. Most transportation options require a carrying case for your dog. We like a dog carrier, like this Frisco premium travel carrier, for more portable travel or a dog car seat for driving.

Tip #1: Traveling By Local Transit

Local transportation is typically the most affordable option for humans and dogs alike. Before you hop on your local bus or train though, make sure to check the travel rules for pets in your local area. Luckily enough, we’ve put together a guide for all of our cities.

In both New York and D.C., service dogs are always allowed on local transit. Non-service dogs are also allowed, but only if they’re in a container or carrier. Atlanta’s MARTA is similar, but with an extra restriction that requires the carrier to be rigid and have a lock or latch.

Boston also has a similar policy for MBTA trains and buses, but the city stipulates that non-service pets are not supposed to ride during rush hour.

Dog on Bed

Tip #2: Traveling By Car

If you’re getting out of the city, renting a car is fast and flexible. Zipcar and Enterprise say your pup is always welcome, provided it stays in a dog carrier and you return the car free of fur. Avis can be a more flexible option with no strict pet policy, but the car must be returned clean and free of pet hair.

If you’re looking to ride-share, both Uber and Lyft leave the decision up to the driver. We recommend ordering a car and then calling your driver to confirm you can bring along your pet. Cabs in most cities tend to abide by the same policy.

Tip #3: Choose Pet-Friendly Destinations

It always makes it easier to travel when you know your pup will be welcomed at your final destination. This is particularly important if you’re traveling by way of public transit, but you also don’t want to take your pup somewhere where they are going to be stuck in a car.

There are plenty of travel options that welcome your furry friends. At Getaway, we have a small pet fee (one per trip, so you don’t have to pay per pup per night), and that covers our cleaning expense and gives you a lead, a bowl, some waste bags, and treats for your dog.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Packing is stressful for everyone, especially if you have to pack for both yourself and your pet. Our must-have items include a dog travel bowl, dog treats, plastic bags, and a favorite dog toy or blanket to keep your pup company.

We recommend bringing along proper ID for your pup as well. Sometimes accidents happen and if you lose track of your pet, you want to make sure they are properly identifiable. Ensure your dog has proper ID tags and is microchipped. Better yet, always keep them nearby with a dog leash.

Be careful to never leave your dog in a car during extreme heat or cold and keep an eye on how they’re doing throughout the stress of the travel process.

Don’t forget the delight of travel. Pack treats for you, and treats for them. Be sure to reward your pup when they have good behavior. It helps reinforce what they are doing right.

Woman and Dog

Most importantly, remember that no one knows your dog better than you do. Listen to yourself and your pup and enjoy escaping together.

Find more of our favorite pup-related tips from our friends at Chewy by visiting Pet Central.

For Your Free Time

Fitness Tips For the Frequent Traveler

Getting away should be about relaxing and recovering from hectic city life. Recharging doesn’t have to mean lying in bed all day- although it certainly can. Sometimes the best way to disconnect is by exercising and keeping yourself healthy.

We caught up with some fitness experts to ask them how they stay in shape when traveling. Whether you’re escaping to a cabin nestled in nature or you’re flying to a new city, these tips are great ways to put your mind at ease through fitness.

Tips for Staying Active on the Road

CorePower Instructor Calli Pappas says her favorite part about travel is time to focus on what makes her happy, so exercising is a must. Calli goes on walks or runs without any music or distractions. That way, she can get a feel for her new environment, while keeping herself fit. She says this routine, along with her mindfulness practices, keeps her grounded when she travels.

“I’ve always had a pretty strong and solid fitness routine, but I found something was missing,” Calli said. “It wasn’t until after college when I discovered yoga and then, overtime, meditation, among other mindfulness practices. Incorporating these practices into my lifestyle has helped to increase my overall awareness, intuition, gratitude, and overall quality of health and well-being.”

Calli recommends packing resistance bands and sliders on your next trip, so you can do a quick core and glute-strengthening exercise anywhere you go.

Cabin Stretches

Personal Trainer Alicia McKenzie always scopes out the gyms, or lack thereof, before a trip and she makes an exercise plan before leaving.

Alicia loves making the most of what she has around her. She usually focuses on bodyweight exercises when she’s away from home. Her on-the-go fitness routine always includes running, air squats, lunges, burpees, and plank holds.

Fitness and Mindfulness

Fitness guru Aly Raymer does a little bit of everything. When she’s not working at B/SPOKE Studio or teaching yoga at Exhale Spa, she’s organizing wellness retreats.

“Mindfulness is the key to a fulfilling workout,” Aly said. “You must take care of both mind and body in order to really reap the benefits of fitness. You can workout all the time, eat all of the healthy things, but if you have a negative mindset or are totally disconnected for your body, it’s for naught.”

Aly loves exploring cycling studios in new places. When those are unavailable, she tries to go on walks and explore on foot, as well as use dance for exercise. Aly says it’s important to always listen to your body. Remember that it’s okay to use travel time to relax and recover from your frequent workouts.

For Your Free Time

Easy Tips for Staying Balanced Throughout the Day

Holistic health consultant and healthy lifestyle designer Paola Atlason doesn’t believe in just taking vacations for balance. She practices self-care every day and incorporates balance into her daily routine. Paola will soon be unplugging and de-stressing in one of our cabins. But in the meantime, Paola is sharing with us her tips for bringing the best parts of Getaway into our daily routines.

Practical and easy self-care tips for staying balanced throughout the day

One of my favorite ways to recalibrate is by being in nature. As a New Yorker for the past 20 years this is not always easy, so I rely on a handful of self-care rituals to keep me grounded throughout the day.

I would first like to demystify what “self-care” means- it simply refers to any practice in which you feel cared for and supported. It doesn’t involve costly products, it doesn’t have to be time consuming, you can do it from the comfort of your home and in your own time. It should be practiced in bite sizes, throughout the day, every day – not saved exclusively for Sundays.

The most important ritual is to begin the day with a focus on yourself. Those few minutes spent in nurturing silence set the tone for the rest of your waking hours. The following is my trusted 3-step morning routine, one that I’ve practiced for years and still brings me joy:


By placing attention on the breath upon awakening, we welcome clean energy into our bodies. Conscious deep breathing oxygenates the blood and ignites internal heat, which is very important during the cold winter months.

The Technique:
While laying in bed take a full deep breath in for a count of four, and slowly release for a count of six. Feel free to sigh or open your mouth as you exhale. Repeat for 4 to 6 rounds and as you scan your body, smile, stretch and indulge.


As you open your eyes, in your mind list three things you’re grateful for. This easy yet highly effective practice changes your brain chemistry and shifts the focus onto the positive. Keep it simple to begin with (I’m often grateful for my hands and sunlight). Once you get going, your list will grow.


My favorite hands-on ritual is “dry skin brushing”. This practice promotes circulation and detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system (aka the body’s washing machine). Using a natural bristle brush – before you shower – with firm yet gentle strokes start at the bottom of your feet and brush up the legs, torso and arms, and back down the neck and chest towards the heart.

Paola Atlason Head Shot

For detailed step-by-step instructions and brush recommendations please visit my blog.

For Your Free Time

Throwback Analog Activities For Kids

Most modern parents will tell you that the easiest way to placate a fussy child is with a smartphone. There are countless apps, YouTube videos, and educational games that can capture the attention of even the rowdiest toddler.

For generations, televisions were the stand-in home babysitters. Now, screens follow us everywhere: a 2017 study found that the amount of time young children in the United States spend with mobile screens has tripled in just four years—and that number is increasing.

Smartphone addiction impacts our brain and ability to focus, and the still-developing mind of a child is even more vulnerable. More time in front of screens also means less time for other activities, including playing outside, reading, or engaging in sports — which can negatively impact health and development.  

The solution?  Go retro with some of these fun analog activities with your kids to boost their brain development, increase their mental focus, and strengthen the bond between you —  all while having fun the good old-fashioned way.

Play a boardgame

Research shows that boardgames are one of the best things you can do to boost your child’s mental development. It teaches them logic and reasoning skills, it gives them an opportunity to learn how to win (or lose) gracefully, and it gives them space to practice critical thinking and/or spatial reasoning, depending on the game.

Even a game as simple as Go Fish can improve a child’s verbal communication skills and their focus and memory by requiring them to vocalize what they need, respond to others’ requests, and pay attention through people’s turns who are not their own.

Read together

Take turns reading a chapter out loud to one another, or read the same book side-by-side, one chapter at a time, discussing what happened at the end of each chapter.
This simple activity can help develop early analytical and critical thinking skills—no lesson plan necessary! Just ask them what they think about what happened, what they think will happen next, and how they feel about the book so far at the end of every chapter.  

Analog Toys

A nice option is to turn back to objects of distraction of yesteryear: think slinkys, Play-Doh, puppets, puzzles, bubbles, skipping rope, water balloons for summer, Twister and more.

The benefits of these throwback toys also extend to a sense of bonding. Show your child your favorite toy of your own childhood, and explain to them a time that wasn’t dominated by screens.

Explore nature

Spending time outdoors has been shown time and time again to support healthy development in a child – both mentally and physically.  

Physically, it’s great for kids to spend time running around outside. This is good for their heart, their lungs, and their growing muscles. Mentally, a child’s outlook on life as they grow older is greatly improved by spending time in nature. Studies show that even just taking a short walk every day boosts your mood and clarity of mind, which matters just as much for a child’s developing brain as it does for a stressed-out adult – maybe even more so.

Our ultimate recommendation?  Pack up your family, your favorite board games, comfortable shoes, and hit the road to unplug and escape to nature for a few days. You might have guessed that, though. For other recommendations, email them to us at [email protected]