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Family Friendly Road Trip to Getaway Beaver Creek

We know it can be hard keeping kids entertained during the car ride to our Outpost. That’s why we’ve put together our recommendations for the best places to stop along the way from Pittsburgh or Cleveland with your kiddos.


White House Fruit Farm Youngstown, OH
~ 40 minutes from Outpost
This family-owned farm allows you to buy freshly picked berries, fruits, and vegetables, as well as sample some of their famed baked goods. The farm, 1.5 hours from Cleveland, offers year-round events, including summer crop picking and flower festivals.

Lanternman’s Mill Youngstown, OH
~ 45 minutes from Outpost
This peaceful park, 1.5 hours from Cleveland, is a great historical stop along the way. Best yet, it’s dog-friendly and features an old mill built in the 1840s and restored in the 1980s.

Fellows Riverside Gardens Youngstown, OH
~45 minutes from Outpost
This 12-acre free public garden boasts views of rose, annuals, perennials, and scenic vistas. With an attached education and visitor center, the garden is a beautiful and education place to stop along the way.

Fun Fore All Family Fun Park Cranberry Township, PA
~ 1 hour from Outpost
This park, just 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh and 1 hour east of Getaway Beaver Creek, has a little something for everyone. With arcade games, bumper boats, mini golf, rock climbing, and more, it’s the perfect place to stop and let your kids spend some energy before your family escape.

Akron Zoo Akron, OH
~1.5 hours from Outpost
Just 45 minutes south of Cleveland, this 50-acre non-profit zoo is home to over 700 animals and is sure to please the whole family.

Walks in the Woods

Mineral Springs Loop Trail
Hike Duration: 1.3 miles
Difficulty: Easy
This easy loop trail, just 45 minutes from both Pittsburgh and the Outpost, features a waterfall and is recommended for families with young kids.

Hellbender Bluff Trail
Hike Duration: 3.4 miles
Difficulty: Easy
This loop trail features lots of wildlife, including bald eagles and spring warblers, as well as wild flowers and mushrooms. Just 1 hour from Pittsburgh and 2 hours from Cleveland, it’s a great family-friendly hike to do once you’re close to Getaway Beaver Creek.


Two Smart Cookies East Liverpool, OH
~ 5 minutes from Outpost
This nearby bakery is the perfect place to stop for some sweet treats right before you arrive or right after you leave our Outpost.

Shale Tavern and Grille
~ 10 minutes from Outpost
This tavern has all of your classic favorites, from chicken noodle soup to a barbecue bacon cheeseburger, so there’s sure to be something for every one in your group.

Mary’s Pizza Lisbon, OH
~ 20 minutes from the Outpost
If your family is hungry from the drive over, then this local pizza joint is an easy stop that’s sure to please.

Looking for our full list of attractions to explore around Getaway Beaver Creek? You can find it here.

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From NYC to New Hampshire: The Perfect Road Trip

Here’s to taking the long way: from New York City to New Hampshire. 

If you live in New York, we recommend taking a road less traveled and visiting our larger Boston Outpost, nestled away in the woods of New Hampshire – the six-hour drive makes a meandering summer road trip. Here’s a preview of the scenic route, with a few stops along to the way.

Estimated Time: 6 hours
Miles: 289

Hartford, CT
For history lovers, stop by the capital of Connecticut. It’s home to attractions like the Mark Twain House and Museum, a beautiful 1827 mansion that includes the desk at which the author wrote his most well-known works.

Sherwood Island State Park, CT
Just an hour outside of Manhattan, check out Connecticut’s first state park, swim in the Long Island Sound, and relax on the sandy beaches.

Wadsworth Falls State Park, CT
Just over two hours outside of Manhattan, this quaint spot has hikes and waterfalls—perfect for taking a quick dip or enjoying a snack.

The Green Bean, Northampton MA
If you get hungry, coast into the historic town of Northampton and check out The Green Bean, featuring a healthy and delicious breakfast menu served all day.

Chesterfield Gorge, NH
Stretch your legs and treat your eyes to this scenic, peaceful 0.7-mile loop hike with serene waterfall views. Plus, it’s dog-friendly.

Epsom, NH
When you get to Epsom, you can kick up your feet, relax, and just do nothing. There’ll be a cozy cabin and a soft bed waiting for you to relax and recharge in a different neck of the woods. Book your trip to Boston before our summer is a distant memory.

Want to know more about Getaway Boston? Check out our guide to all the information you’ll need to know about parking, hikes, grocerty stores and more around our Boston Outpost.