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Celebrating International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to highlight a few of the incredible women who make Getaway possible. From our field team at our Outposts, to our headquartered team in Brooklyn, and our guests, meet the women of Getaway.

Stephanie Dombrowski

Stephanie Dombrowski is the assistant site manager at our New York Outpost. As a member of our field team, Stephanie plays a crucial role in welcoming guests into our cabins. Whenever guests have problems, big or small, Stephanie is there to help and she is instrumental in our ability to offer guests the peace and relaxation they deserve. If you find yourself at Getaway New York, you may see Stephanie’s smiling face on your way out.

Anthea Song has been a fan of Getaway for a while now, as one of our very first guests. The New York City resident has stayed in our cabins six different times and says that Getaway has become a second home for her.

Anthea Song

“Its simplicity is so pure, and yet filled with a personal touch that shows the heart and care [the team] has put into it,” Anthea says. “It gives me space, while making me feel I’m cared for; it empowers my sense of independence.”

Afshan Dosani

Over at our headquarters in Brooklyn, Afshan Dosani is the senior growth manager for our marketing team. She works on making the Getaway experience as easy as possible and helps get the word out about our tiny cabins. For Afshan, Getaway is a special place where she takes time to slow down and recharge from city life.

On International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate not only the women of Getaway, but women and girls around the world.

That’s why for every booking made today, March 8, we’re donating $10 to She’s the First, an organization that fights gender inequality through education.

The non-profit raises funds for girls who are the first in their families to graduate from high school, while training young women to be the global leaders of tomorrow. Book a cabin today.

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February Reflections: On Unplugging

I’ve long thought we should have more holidays. Why isn’t there, at least, one holiday every month? If we were to add more holidays, what things would you want us to carve out time for? One of my votes would be for us all to celebrate the National Day of Unplugging, a “24 hour respite from technology.” Read more about the day here.

So on March 1, we’re unplugging. Don’t worry if you’re staying with us that day —  our field teams are at the ready to ensure you get your own time to recharge.

It’s a special day that’s about replacing push notifications with a pull towards the outdoors, setting aside our likes and follows for more time with the people we like the most. I appreciate my cell phone and my “connected” world, but it’s about setting a day to acknowledge that the counterbalance is just as important.

To me, National Day of Unplugging comes at the perfect time. Inevitably, at least in the Northeast, we spend a lot of time indoors in February. More time inside often equates to more time on screens, longer work hours, and less opportunity to meaningfully get away. Here’s hoping this special day serves as a reminder to us all about the upside of unplugging.

Be Well,

How to Getaway

Ways to Spend Your Getaway with Your Significant Other

We believe in disconnecting to reconnect with what’s really important, including your relationship with your significant other. It can be easy to let work and other distractions get in the way of spending quality time together.

This Valentines Day, find some time to bring you and your partner closer together as a couple. We have a list of activities to get you started on just that. Whether you’re in the comfort of your home or on a peaceful escape, this list of activities will help you and your Valentine bond together.

Answer the 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Women Chatting

This famous list featuring 36 questions meant to build intimacy was popularized by a New York Times Modern Love column in 2015. Originally created by a team of psychologists led by Arthur Aron, the questions are based on the idea that vulnerability fosters closeness. Try them with your partner to get to know them better and don’t let the length of your relationship stop you. Answers can change with time and can remind you of why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

Learn a New Skill Together

Mary Otanez Photography Engagement

Whether it’s as simple as learning to tie a knot together or as challenging as learning a new language, let the process of learning bring you closer. Even just trying out a new recipe together can bring you closer. Talk about the shared experience and what may be easy or challenging about your activity. Ask each other for help when you hit a snag. It’s those little gestures that can foster closer connection.

Write Each Other A Letter

Writing in Cabin

Sometimes communication is easier through writing. Try penning a letter to your partner telling them your favorite qualities about them and ask them 3-5 questions. Then swap letters and write each other back. Writing together will bond you and can give you another avenue to connect with one another.

Dance it Out

If you and your partner want to lighten the mood, have a dance party. Dancing will get your endorphins going. Don’t worry if you don’t think your dancing skills are up to par – there’s no winners or losers in a dance party. It’s good to let yourself be silly around your partner and make each other laugh.

While you can do these just about anywhere, we’re of course partial to Getaway. Let yourselves escape the city, put your phones away, and reconnect in nature together.

Big Window

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Getaway Presents: BookSparks’s Winter Must-Reads

In our modern over-stimulated world, we believe it’s important to take time to disconnect from our screens and recharge. Being sucked in by a good read is a great way take a break from your phone.

Every Getaway cabin comes with a selection of books, but just in case you want to bring your own, our friends at BookSparks shared with us their list of winter must-reads. Whether  you prefer memoirs or thrillers, this list has the perfect book for you to curl up with when it’s chilly outside.

The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell

In this heartbreaking new thriller from Christina McDonald, a mother is forced to come to terms with her daughter’s near-death encounter, while tracking down the truth about what happened to her. Abi has been told that her daughter attempted to take her own life, but when she finds suspicious bruises on Olivia’s wrists, she refuses to accept the police’s explanation. Things get more dire when Abi finds out that her daughter is not only brain dead, but pregnant, with doctors keeping Olivia on life support to keep the baby alive. Racing against the clock to find out the truth, Abi’s finding will reveal an evil truth no mother should ever have to face.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

The perfect winter read for Game of Thrones fans, Marlon James’s new novel brings readers a masterful mashup of fantasy, history and folklore. Tracker is a hunter who has always insisted on working by himself, but when he’s armed with a rag-tag search team and given the task of finding a young boy who has been missing for three years, he’ll come to find that this job will be unlike any he’s ever embarked on before. With the appearance of deadly creatures and deep-rooted secrets, Tracker realizes that finding the boy could mean life or death for him and his entire group.

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

Night Tiger

Two young and ambitious souls find themselves on a thrilling new journey in The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo. Ji Lin will do anything to help pay back her mom’s debts and when she finds an unsettling item in the dance hall where she works, it sends her on the kind of adventure she has always craved. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Ren is doing his best to track down an item from his late master. As Ji Lin and Ren’s paths collide, they’ll learn the true devastation of love and the hope that can bloom in even the darkest of places.  

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

A mysterious and intriguing illness plagues the pages of this new release by New York Times bestselling author, Karen Thompson Walker. When a young college student finds that her roommate won’t wake up no matter how hard she tries, it becomes a case for doctors who can’t seem to get to the bottom of the mystery. As more and more people fall victim to this disturbing illness, everyone goes into survival mode, doing what they can to avoid the sickness. But as doctors monitor those who have been affected, they soon realize that their brain function is consistently increasing leaving everyone to wonder what the victims are dreaming about.

Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land

If you’re a memoir fan and haven’t picked up Maid by Stephanie Land yet, it’s time to add it to your Amazon cart. This touching true story follows the life and trying times of a young mother who did everything she could to get by and provide a full life for her daughter. Leaving the idea of college and becoming a full-time writer behind, she took to working as a maid and taking as many classes as she could at night to further her journalism dreams. Through heartwrenching dedication and harrowing experiences, Land learned what it really means to be part of the working class in the United States. In this new memoir, Land details the horrors of trying to get by in America—a story that not many are brave enough to tell.

Grab your favorite read, curl up, and lose time in its pages. The best place to do just that is right here at Getaway.


Four Meaningful Gifts for Your Valentine

Gifting can be hard, so we have curated a collection of meaningful gifts to give this Valentine’s Day. Think your less traditional chocolates and flowers, and more thoughtful ways to bring you both together.

There’s a special thing we like to say about going on a Getaway, which is that we provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Gift giving can be a challenge in that respect – why clutter with more “things,” when really the ultimate gift is just one another? That’s why we’ve compiled a very short list of some very no frills things that will surprise, delight, and reconnect you with your loved one – whether it’s a partner, a child, or maybe even just falling more deeply in love with yourself.

Monthly Plant Subscription

Plants on Table

As minimalist houseplant company, The Sill, tries to remind us, plants make people happy. Bring a piece of the natural world inside and give your partner (and/or yourself) the ongoing gift of greenery. Learn how to tend to a plant, and bask in that humid glow.

We like this pet-friendly plant subscription.

Photo Book


Savor those special moments. Buy a photo book and fill it with cherished places, artifacts, and memories you’ve spent together. Bonus points if you leave space for your future adventures together.

Try this one from Artifact Uprising.

Cooking Class

Chop tomatoes.
Chop tomatoes.

There’s that not-quite-yet tired cliche that food is the language of love. Gift a cooking class and learn how to create delicious meals for each other from scratch.

Try the handmade pasta class at Taste Buds Kitchen or check out the vegan options at Natural Gourmet Institute.

Time Spent Together

Big Window

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is spending time together. Give the gift of an unforgettable few days of disconnection, a stay when time seems to stretch right before your very eyes.

We believe in getting back in touch with what matters, especially time with loved ones. There’s no better time to celebrate and reconnect than Valentine’s Day.

How to Getaway

What To Do On Your Cold Weather Getaway

We might be in the middle of winter, but don’t let the chilly air keep you from enjoying your Getaway. It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up in a cabin or bundle up and appreciate the natural beauty around you.

We’ve thought of some fun activities, both indoor and outdoor, to keep you occupied during your cold weather escape.

Learn A New Card Game

Playing Cards

Ditch your solitaire app and get back to the real thing. Cards are provided in our cabins, so you don’t need to bring anything. If you’re interested in mixing it up, learn a new card game. You can try some of these classics from Bicycle or get creative and make up your own.

Do a Puzzle

Bring a puzzle and bond with your loved ones by doing it together. Puzzles are the perfect indoor activity and are great whether you want a solo escape or to bring people together.

Try a New Recipe

Winter getaway

Our busy lives can make it hard to carve out time to cook. Use your time at our cabins to experiment with ingredients and try out new things. Our cabins come with cooking utensils, so all you need are ingredients. We recommend trying out these easy meals or these campfire cocktails.

Lose Yourself in a Book

Cabin books

Disconnect and dive into all the non-required reading you’ve always wanted to tackle. Use our cozy cabins to get back into the reading habit. Bring some books of your own, or choose from the ones we already have waiting for you.

Sketch or Journal

Getaway House Sketch

Take advantage of the quiet and let your creative side come out. Express your thoughts through journaling or create all those sketches you’ve been dreaming about making. It will help relax you from the stresses of everyday life and will give you a way to remember your Getaway.

Bundle Up and Head Outside

Snowy hike

It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore. Bundle up and play in the snow or get out and take a cold-weather hike. Go on an impromptu adventure and breathe some fresh air. Don’t forget your layers, though! We even made a winter packing list so you don’t forget anything.

Cold or not, we believe any day is a good day to disconnect and relax. Don’t forget to make time for yourself and give yourself the break you deserve.

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January Reflections

There’s nothing like a “New Year, New You” email – or several – to jolt you into 2019. I must have received a hundred emails with that headline.

While there’s a lot to be said about taking time to reevaluate, to renew, and to replenish, it’s hard not to feel drowned in cliches. Especially when these temperatures drop down to freezing, and we all end up spending more time indoors and in our routines than outside getting replenished and re-energized.

January at Getaway

Quiet Place to Reflect

This month, I had the privilege of speaking on a panel about “experiences” in retail. Getaway might not seem like an obvious choice for discussing retail design, but I was happy to participate because it allowed me some beginning-of-the-year reflection to crystallize why I think what we’re doing matters to us, but more importantly, why it matters to you.

Much of the panel conversation was about the officially tired trend of corporate-designed “immersive” experiences. I can wax cynical on the distraction I think these spaces provide, but instead I was grateful for the experience to reflect and to advocate for what I think we’re doing differently.

We’re not here to give people a “Getaway experience” — Getaway exists so that you can unlock your own experiences, and live a little more deeply. It’s you, not us, that are creating the experience.

You can read more about that panel here, or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s hoping for a little less distractedness, and a more deep experiences in 2019.

Be well,



Give Back this MLK Day

This long weekend, consider spending doing something for your community. Ever since the 1980s, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been marked a day of service and it now serves as an annual reminder to volunteer in the communities we live and work in.

We’ve picked one volunteer event in New York, DC, and Boston that you can sign up to participate in this Monday.

New York

Public parks are important – they serve as small gateways to the natural world within our cities, and we believe in keeping them clean. Join the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for one of the cleanup projects happening in Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.

Help keep the outdoors clean.


A collection of local volunteer organizations, including The Massachusetts Service Alliance and Mayor Walsh’s Senior Corps, are joining together to create care packages for homeless youth in Boston. Volunteers will work together and learn about youth homelessness.


Lend a helping hand at the annual blanket and toiletry drive. Volunteers will help package and deliver 1,200 kits to people in need in DC, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. You can also donate blankets, shelf-stable snacks, and hygiene products.

The list doesn’t end there. There are plenty of places that still need volunteers for this Monday and many other ways to support local organizations, national parks, and more. Here at Getaway, we hope everyone has a happy MLK Day.