Our Commitment to Meaningful Change

The undeniable issue of racial injustice in our communities and country at large means silence and inaction are not options; we must band together to fight systemic racism. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and are committed to the fight long-term.

Our goal is, and always has been, for our team and guests to feel comfortable, welcome, and supported within the Getaway community. Our dedication to providing a safe space in nature for people of all backgrounds will never change.

This brings us to today and the actions we’re taking—both within our team and for our larger community of guests. 

Our Initial Actions:

Sharing Resources with the Black Community: We’re partnering with Rachel Cargle and The Loveland Group , as well as The Nellie Mae Education Foundation and MiiR, to donate 365 total Getaways through our Year of Rest initiative. In support of the critical work still being done, we want to offer access to nature as a resource. We’re accepting nominations of Black people working for change, or those fighting for the Black community, who’d benefit from a night of rest. Going forward, we’ll continue to prioritize giving nights to people of color, pledging at least 100 a year. 

Monetary Contributions: We’ve donated to Color of Change, Black Visions Collective, Brooklyn Bail Fund, and The Loveland Foundation. We’ll continue to make monetary contributions to organizations that support racial justice and equality.

Highlighting Organizations and Black-Owned Businesses: We’ve compiled a list of organizations and Black-owned businesses in each city near our Outposts. We have and will continue to encourage our community to donate and to support local businesses and makers. 

Our Long-Term Commitment 

  • Amplifying  Voices: We’ll continue to use our platforms to amplify Black voices and the voices of all people of color—not just this month, but on an ongoing basis. 
  • Representation in Marketing: We’ll continue to prioritize diversity in our marketing and partnership efforts by working with creators of color and brands that are committed to anti-racism.
  • Examining Suppliers: We’re dedicated to working with people of color and women-owned suppliers, setting a baseline goal of 15%.  
  • Diversity in Stories: We’ll be diversifying the selection of books in our in-cabin libraries to ensure we’re including the experiences and stories of people of color in America.
  • Reexamining Company Values: We’ve explicitly added diversity as a company value. We’re forming a Diversity and Inclusion committee that will be meeting quarterly to review progress, push for continued improvement, and hold the company accountable. 
  • Changing Hiring Practices: We’re taking a critical look internally, examining our own diversity, equity, and inclusivity practices. We commit to more diversity in hiring, and we’re starting by listening to team members from all levels. Our first action item is translating job postings and training materials for our field team staff into additional languages beyond English.
  • Anti-racism and Anti-bias Education: We’re investing in anti-racism and anti-bias education within the Getaway team, starting with a book club, followed by talks led by experts and formalized training.

We’re focused on being considerate and thoughtful about our contributions and next steps. Because we’re making a long term commitment, our action plan will continue to take shape over the coming months.  We’d love to hear from you and welcome additional thoughts and input. Email us at [email protected]