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Meet Our Artist Fellows: The Regrettes

At the end of last year we hosted The Regrettes through our Artist Fellowship program for them to reconnect as a band and to their love of music ahead of the release of their new album, Further Joy. Here’s what they had to say about their escape from LA.

What did your Getaway experience mean to you?

Lydia: This has been extremely nice for us because we know that this year we’re about to be going, going, going on tour constantly with a new album out. There’s going to be a lot of rushing around and I think that just having little breaks before and in between is just everything.


The calm before the storm. 

Genessa: This is so beautiful.

Lydia: Yeah, we want to be back. We’ll be back after all the craziness. 

How do you work together as a band – how do your individual strengths and interests influence the band?

Lydia: I feel like we all have very different strengths, which is really cool.  We balance each other out extremely well, which is really lucky. I think that’s rare.  We all have very different things we’re good at and we’re constantly like, “oh, we need Brooke to be here for this specific thing” or “oh, I need to ask Drew about this.” I just always know who is gonna know the answer to a question.

Drew: That’s true. 

Lydia: Yeah I just feel like it’s super natural and that’s how we’re a super team. 

Brooke: Hell yeah. 

How does your connection to nature influence you personally, and how does it influence your art?

Brooke: For me, nature grounds me a lot. Especially being on tour a bunch, you’re in a different place every day and it can be difficult to be grounded when you’re just constantly moving and having a fast-paced, really exciting career and what not. So for me, getting away from all of the distraction and noise of everyday life gives me a chance to take a breath and get connected with myself and the universe. It feels very refreshing. It feels really good.

Lydia: Yeah, sometimes my problems feel like the only problems that exist. If you’re in your own little bubble and anxiety and whatnot, sometimes the best way to get out of that and remember how small and insignificant those little things are is getting out and seeing the stars or going to the beach or doing something that snaps you back into “none of this matters, I need to focus on just being happy and not letting those things get in the way.” I think that brings me back down, like Brooke said, grounding. 

How was your Getaway?

Genessa: Our getaway has been… we’re still getting away right now.

Drew: Yeah! Mid-getaway

Genessa: But it’s been great. We’ve just been hanging out and connecting, and I think that alone, just relaxing, is gonna inspire some happiness. 

Lydia: Last night we were talking about going on a camping trip and how fun that would be. So it inspired more getting away. I feel like that’s the main inspo. It’s been like “oh I need to do this more.” 

You can check out The Regrettes’ new song, “Monday” from their upcoming album, Further Joy, along with their playlist of songs they listened to on their Getaway on Spotify.

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