Artist Fellowship

Meet an Artist Fellow: Photographer, Allie Chambers

Fill us in on your background—personally and in your creative practice. 

My name is Allie, and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. I picked up my first camera (my mom’s old point and shoot camera) when I was 12 years old, and I could not get enough of it. I would conduct a photoshoot of anyone I could convince to be my subject, whether it be friends, my brother, or even the family dog. I kept photography as a hobby all throughout college, and after I graduated with my degree in Psychology, I realized that if I were to ever take this passion of photography to the next level and create a business with it, now would be the time to try. After a couple of emotional conversations around my career aspirations, I decided to make the jump and fully commit to a career in photography. Looking back, that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Wedding photography has been my main focus and the majority of my work since 2018, and I have treasured every moment of it. I love the honor and privilege of being able to document so many beautiful days and tell stories through photographs. 

How does your connection to nature influence you personally, and how does it influence your art?

Growing up in Tennessee, I never lacked an abundance of nature and places to explore. With spending so much of my time outdoors in my adolescence, it is only fitting that I now spend most of my time outdoors in my career and adult life. While I am mostly photographing couples in nature and the outdoors, I am always blown away by what nature can communicate in photographs and how it speaks to me. If I am working with a couple that is super outgoing and bubbly, I can find landscapes and sunsets that will capture the life and joy that is their relationship. If I have a couple that might be more introverted and reserved, I am given so many opportunities in Tennessee to find places where we can seclude into the trees. Nature has not only been an outstanding co-worker, but it has created the most beautiful backdrops that I have had the privilege to experience. 

How was your Getaway? Did your time in your cabin influence your process or inspire any new ideas?

My getaway was nothing short of perfect. Nature is also a great place for me to seclude when I am contemplating a new life decision and need time to think and be inspired. In October of 2021, I plan to launch a new branch within my photography business named Stocked Studio. This new direction will focus on branding photography for businesses of all scales to help better market themselves. This new shift can feel like unfamiliar territory, which is why I felt the need to take a step back and reflect on what my business has looked like and what I imagine it to be in the coming years. In beginning a new launch within my business, I needed time to think through this shift and decision. Getaway was a perfect spot for me to take time to dream and plan, while also having the quiet sounds of nature to read and be inspired. 

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

This was such a fun experience to bring my personality-packed Mini Australian Shepherd, Franklin. He absolutely loved getting a view of everything that was going on, since he is my best working security service. He always loves when he can find a place to view everything that is going on, so he loved the large glass window inside the cabin! 

You can follow Allie’s work on her Instagram and her website.

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