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Here’s to #MoreFreeTime

Labor Day was created 127 years ago to honor American workers with a national day of rest. After this harrowing year-plus, workers really need a break, including our team at Getaway. Tomorrow, we’re proud to be closing our company, including all of our Outposts, for Labor Day and the entire work week to give our employees #morefreetime to recharge and reconnect to who and what matters most.

We’ll be back next week to help you disconnect to reconnect to what matters most—in the meantime, we invite you to join the #MoreFreeTime movement. Show us what you do when you’re off the clock by tagging @getawayhouse on Instagram and using the #MoreFreeTime hashtag for your chance to win a free Getaway — three individuals who share their stories with us this week will win Getaways to spend #MoreFreeTime enjoying the things and people who matter most to them.

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A pared down Community team will be here for you this week via email ([email protected]) to answer any questions or concerns.