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Getaway’s WYLD Experience: On Setting Intentions

To close out the year, Getaway’s marketing team carved out some time to work with WYLD Leadership to learn more about setting intentions. WYLD crafts incredible learning and development experiences – in person or virtually – customized to a team’s needs and goals, meaning no workshop is the same. WYLD’s mission is to draw out the unique greatness in people. They pull from a palette of psychology, nature, creativity, mindfulness, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom to curate a safe and fun experiential learning environment that feels transformative and sustainable.

2021 was a big year full of changes for our team, so entering our first intention-setting session with WYLD, we were feeling a bit scattered and many of us admitted to feeling that they were having a hard time setting aside our to-dos to make time for reflection and intention setting for the new year. To help us get a bit more grounded and prepare us to switch gears, our WYLD Guide, Sam, led us through a guided meditation to let go of any stress we were carrying into the session, and to reflect on what the word intention brings to mind. We discussed the difference between goals and intentions. Ultimately, reaching the conclusion that intentions were looser than goals, and intentions allow us to decide how we want to be in the world amidst the projects and goals we’re working toward. Intentions clarify our actions by acting as a north star for us to keep in mind, so we can make choices aligned in that direction. On the flip side, goals require a set of specific actions or tasks, and while a goal can be achieved, an intention has no end date or set of criteria to accomplish. 

We decided on some team intentions for 2022, which include embracing a mindset of possibility, finding the joy in what we get to do every day, and honoring our personal and collective truths as we share Getaway’s story. And then we outlined practices in our working lives that we want to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing. For example, one practice we’d like to continue in 2022, is to send a message to our team Slack channel to let everyone know we’ll be taking a break, going for a walk, or just grabbing lunch or coffee. 

In our next exercise with WYLD, we took some time to get creative and reflect on our personal and professional intentions to create a vision board of what those intentions mean to us. This was to keep our intentions fresh in our minds, but also to take advantage of the benefits of creativity. Carving out time and space for creative thinking and creative projects can positively influence well-being and can help to promote innovation and problem-solving in the workplace, so after our WYLD session where we got our creative juices flowing, we were ready to take a new stab at some of the week’s challenges.

Our Graphic Designer, Julianna said, “Having WYLD work with our team brought greater alignment and a consistent re-centering of the very human-ness that is key to our brand. Through the sessions, I felt more connected to my teammates and energized in my work.”

After our sessions with WYLD this past quarter, we’re entering 2022 with clarity and direction, both personally and professionally, and we’ve renewed our commitments to show up as fully as we can for ourselves and our co-workers. And after a year of workshops with WYLD, we feel connected as a team, aligned with ourselves, and ready for whatever 2022 brings.

Interested in connecting with a WYLD guide and exploring your strengths more? Email them at [email protected] to get your session scheduled and they will match you with a coach that fits your professional and personal goals. Mention promo code WYLD20 for 20% off (this includes a CliftonStrengths code to take the behavioral assessment). A coaching session with a WYLD guide will be tailored to your self development needs, whatever you lead… a business, a family, a team, or your own self through the day, gift yourself the time and space to reflect and grow.

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