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Getaway x Sanctuary: 2021 Rest Horoscopes

As we enter a new year full of fresh potential, every zodiac sign is in need of some good rest. The expert astrologers at Sanctuary have lent us their starry expertise to explore the best moments in 2021 for each sign to disconnect and recharge in nature. Make sure to check both your sun and rising signs for the best dates and insights into how to care for your head and heart this year (don’t know yours? Find them for free in the Sanctuary app!).

Be sure to book an escape to nature to take advantage of the best astrological transits to get some rest.


Your personal life is buzzing in 2021, bringing a whirlwind of opportunities to connect, expand your community, manifest your dreams, and grow in emotional and financial security. But all this excitement requires conscious self-care: practicing detachment, staying grounded in your values, investing in your future and being discerning about the company you keep. Work with a citrine crystal by keeping one on your desk, in your wallet, or your pocket can boost self-esteem, helping you draw in wealth, opportunities, and prosperity. 

Between mid-May to the end of July, you may want to retreat from the social scene to replenish your energy, and reflect on your dreams. When you take some space, practice gratitude for your blessings, and you can become a magnet for your dreams. During Pisces season (February 18 – March 20) look for a place you can replenish your soul, reflect, and renew before you start a new cycle. Or plan an escape during the Pisces full moon on September 20 (solo or with a sweetheart) for a soulful and magical retreat.


In 2021, your career is expanding, asking you to step into a role of greater leadership. You’re about to surprise yourself with what you can achieve. But to do this, it’s imperative you retreat from time to time to check-in with yourself, your goals and dreams. You’ve only scratched the surface of your potential. As you free yourself from the expectations of the world, you can be liberated to be authentically yourself, and an inspiration to many who look up to you. 

As the days grow longer and as the world slowly awakens, March 20 to April 19 brings the ideal time to get away, turn your gaze inward, recharge, and reconnect with your dreams. You might also want to take time for some much needed R&R during the Aries full moon on October 20, when you can make space to reflect on your dreams and on all the ways life has changed and is changing. 


In 2021, the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle continues, and you’re in a process of redefining yourself and your identity, as relationships draw you into unexplored territory. Doors are opening and closing—the more freedom you offer relationships, the more you can deepen bonds that span time and space. Invest in partnerships that can go the distance. 

This year also marks the beginning of a spiritual journey and awakening. Meditation and time spent in nature will help you reconnect with your inner self. Don’t be afraid to set aside real time to reflect. In late April and May, the sun enters Taurus, the sign of the earth and nature, and life is calling you to slow down. A Getaway in nature will help you nurture your dreams as you awaken to your role in the larger world. You can also look to the Taurus full moon on November 19 to rest your body, soothe your soul, and reconnect with your long-term dreams.


In 2021, you reach a series of turning points, opening the gates to greater freedom and security. If this sounds like a dream come true — it can be. So what do you wish for and secretly dream of? You can materialize a dream you once thought was out of reach but it will call for a deeper soul search, letting go of dreams and attachments you’ve outgrown, and being open to change and serendipity. As a Cancer you’re a deeply sensitive soul, as life draws you beyond your comfort zone to new experiences, conscious self-care will ease a transition. Release unhealthy habits, routines, and what no longer brings joy or serves your greatest soul purpose. Short trips and Getaways in nature, meditation, and spending time in silence can help you listen to your inner voice; which is guiding you like a compass to your destiny.

May 20 to June 20 brings the ideal time to Getaway for a soul search, before your re-birth with the Solstice. By the end of the year, you’ll be ready to re-evaluate your progress and key partnerships. On December 18, the Gemini full moon offers a chance to Getaway and reflect on all the ways life has changed and is changing.


Last year took a lot out of you, but it also brought life lessons you learned from. In the new year, your relationships are in a phase of profound expansion and your career is going through the roof. As exciting as all this is, make sure you’re taking care of #1 — you!  January brings a chance to break from the past and establish healthier routines and boundaries moving forward. When you’re feeling happy, well-rested, and confident, then you needn’t worry about sharing the stage. And success can be all the sweeter when you have someone to share it with. 

When the solstice arrives on the longest day of the year, on June 20, slip away for the summer to relax, reflect, and simply be. Then by the time the sun enters Leo on July 22, you’ll be ready to step out and shine. As the Cancer full moon aligns in early January 2022, reflect on the year gone by, how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed next.


In 2021, you can expect a full plate. But will it be full of the things you love, or more of what you want to be free of? That depends on your ability to be the gatekeeper of your life. You give so much of yourself, it’s time to learn to care for yourself first! Seek joy daily and make your health a priority: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Schedule time daily to get inspired, or even to do nothing—what a crazy concept! Don’t be afraid to establish healthy boundaries. No is a full sentence.

When you need a break, declutter and organise your work and living space, and use that same energy to assess what’s a waste of your time and energy. This will help you invite in the support and magic you need to build a life that fulfills you daily. On January 28, the Leo full moon is the perfect time to reflect on your dreams, life, and future. As Leo season unfolds from July 22 to August 22, a summer escape to soul search could be just what you need. Time spent in sunshine, nature, or a spa pampering yourself will help you rejuvenate and reconnect with life’s dream.


2021 marks the year of your personal renaissance. You’re re-birthing and re-inventing yourself from the core. This is a chance to free yourself of a ball and chain, and invite in the most inspiring change into your world. You’re entering a profoundly creative, romantic, passionate phase, birthing something profound. It would help to have a private hideaway: A space in your home, out in nature, or some place close to home, where you can bury yourself in your work, creative pursuits, or just be. This is a little like a superhero’s hiding place where they go to shed their ordinary clothes, and remerge to show off their superhuman talents. Deep tissue massages, gardening, spending time around nature, or walking barefoot and connecting with the earth will help you regenerate and rejuvenate.

The time around the Virgo full moon on February 27, brings the perfect time for a quick escape to reflect on your dreams and plans for your life and future. Nature, yoga, meditation, and diving into your spiritual practices will be profoundly healing and rejuvenating. Or plan for a break during Virgo season between August 22 to September 22 for some much needed R&R for your mind, body, and soul.


In 2021, life is expanding from the inside out, bringing a growing sense of true belonging and security. Whether you’re investing in your home base, expanding your family, or building a community — you’re learning who and what matters to you most in this world. But being in close quarters (even with those you love) can naturally push your boundaries at times. Consider healthy boundaries an important aspect of self-care. 

A dedicated work or zen space, or somewhere outdoors where you can disappear to be with your thoughts will help your inner life and relationships blossom. A daily journal can help you process powerful emotions; regularly open your windows to keep fresh air circulating. You’re laying the foundation for a new life, and opportunity is knocking—invite it in!

On March 28, the Libra full moon brings a chance for a romantic escape with a sweetheart, or go solo to reconnect with your primary relationship, the one you have with yourself. Then as the Libra season reigns from September 22 to October 22, you’ll be ready to cocoon before your rebirth in your birthday season. 


In 2021, your mind is buzzing with ideas, and life is pushing your boundaries. This is a chance to make choices that restructure your life, and it brings you a greater sense of purpose and freedom. It’s time to make mental health a priority. Starting a daily journaling and meditation practice, will do wonders, as will going for walks, short drives, or Getaways to a neighboring town to help you clear your head. You thrive on inspiration and fresh perspective, so to-do lists and vision boards can help you stay focused. 

Jupiter dips briefly into Pisces between mid-May and the end of July, putting you in the mood to nest before you return to making re-adjustments. As you enter 2021, have more faith in yourself. You can bring your vision to life. Making time around the full moon on April 26 will bring you a chance to escape the daily grind to rejuvenate, reconnect with your dreams for your life. During Scorpio season (between October 22 and November 22), recharge and reconnect with your dreams for your life by taking a time out to check in on your heart.


Last year put you under so much pressure, but you’ve come through. And pressure makes diamonds! In 2021, you’re growing in self-esteem, financial savvy, and emotional security. Take the time to recognize the gifts, talents and resources you didn’t realise you had. It all comes down to your values and your ability to take creative risks as you reach for something that sets your heart beating a little faster. 

Give yourself permission to have more fun this year—spontaneous dates, Getaways in nature, spa-days, tango lessons, art classes, or occasional retail therapy can all be acts of self-care. Just set a budget and you won’t blow it. Above all, remember the love and happiness that you seek are free and blossoming in your heart. The Sagittarius full moon on May 26 is an ideal time to escape to your favorite retreat. You can also take time away between November 21 and December 21, as you get into the holiday spirit and reflect on the year gone by and all that’s to come.


The ground beneath your feet is shifting, dear Aquarius, and the universe is asking you to step into a role of greater responsibility. You’ve always been a step ahead of the pack, but you’ve often hidden in the shadows to avoid feeling exposed. But in 2021, it will become increasingly impossible to hide your talents and unique gifts. The more you embrace them and accept yourself, the better you can connect with people who appreciate you and see your potential.

A satisfying diet will go a long way in keeping you focused and on the ball. Don’t be afraid to establish healthy boundaries out of love. Carving out separate spaces in your home for work and relaxation will go far in igniting your creativity. Need to disconnect? Try gardening, exercises that encourage mindfulness, and nature walks in your neighborhood to keep you grounded.

The first three weeks of January bring the ideal time to take a break from your responsibilities. Try meditating under the trees as you reconnect with your dreams as the sun enters your sign on January 19th, and take the first steps towards manifesting your vision. As the Capricorn full moon aligns on June 24, it’s time for a break for some much needed R&R as you reflect on your progress and future plans.


You’re naturally a deeply intuitive soul, and in 2021 your psychic senses are buzzing in overdrive and your mind is exploding with new ideas. Cultivating a regular meditation practice would be the best gift of self-care to give yourself this year. It will quiet your mind, keep you grounded, and allow you to channel your intuition. Use your inspiration constructively. Daily journaling, walks in nature or the neighborhood, or exploring neighboring towns can help, but spending time in isolation can be a deeply rewarding experience, giving you the space to process and connect with a greater reality.

January 19 to February 19 brings the perhaps best time to retreat from busyness, and incubate a vision of the future. Between May 13 and July 28, you’re stepping out of your cocoon becoming aware of your greater potential and all that you have to offer the world. The end of July draws you back into a soul search as you dream a new dream to bring to life. For an extra dose of good rest, disconnect from your devices, and engage your senses.

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