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Featured Guests: Olive The Poodle

Olive is a 5 month old standard poodle who stayed at Getaway Chattahoochee with her parents earlier this month. Here’s what Olive and her family had to say about her escape to nature.

Olive was born in Florida and enjoys treats, belly rubs, squirrel watching, and long strolls around the park. She also loves to hang out and run with all of her neighborhood pup friends any chance she gets. 

Getaway was always on our bucket list of places to visit. As a couple, our first date was on a hiking trail. Since then, we have always enjoyed spending time outdoors and anything related to camping/hiking. When we added Olive to our little family, we felt like it would be the perfect opportunity for our first family trip! Especially because it would be Olive’s first time outside the city of Orlando. Before this trip, she had never been in the wilderness or on any hikes (she is very much a City-girl). 

Our Getaway started with an 8 hour road trip from Orlando to Chattahoochee National Park in Georgia. It was Olive’s longest car ride so we made sure we were prepared for the road. We recommend purchasing a pet hammock for the back seat which was also helpful for hikes when her paws got muddy because it was waterproof. We filled the back seat with all of her toys and let her chew on an elk antler when she needed something to keep her busy but for most of the car ride she snoozed. We also brought plenty of treats to reward her and we packed collapsible bowls for feeding and drinking on the road. We also made sure to take plenty of stops for potty breaks and stretching. 

Once we arrived we settled into the most perfect cabin and began exploring our area. Olive was most delighted to be out of the car and running around in our outpost area. We got her a 20 foot leash which we highly recommend to all the paw-rents. Although there was an outdoor leash at our outpost, having this 20 foot leash was extremely helpful for hikes and trails where Olive liked to do a little more exploring. We also got her an elevated cot which was perfect for her to rest on whenever we were hanging by the campfire or making s’mores. This added some extra comfort although she didn’t mind laying on the gravel either. 

Olive’s favorite part of the trip were definitely the hikes. She loved zipping through the trails at full speed and smelling all of the leaves. Our first hike was the trail that was on the Getaway premises. It was a fairly easy trail for all of us. Jarrod Gap Trail was another hike we enjoyed but our favorite was the Toccoa River Swinging Bridge. This was another easy trail. It was also scenic and beautiful! Although it was a long drive up to the start of the path, it was well worth it. On this trail, Olive got to put her paws in running water for the first time as we passed by streams. Our advice for anyone considering Getaway with their pup is to do it! We all had the best 5 days disconnected from reality and connected with nature (especially Olive). We took this time to put our phones away and truly unplug. We cannot wait to return and explore other trails and Olive most importantly is looking forward to running free and jumping in all the rivers again. Anyone looking forward to keeping up with Olive and her adventures can visit her Instagram.

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