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Featured Guests: Iman and Kourt’s First Anniversary

Earlier this year we hosted Iman and her wife, Kourt, at Getaway Eastern Catskills where they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Here’s what they had to say about their escape to nature.

As our first wedding anniversary was arriving we wanted to spend some time away from the city to reflect and be present with each other and agreed that being in nature was the best way to accomplish this. Before we were married, we had Getaway on our list of things to do, and after seeing friends on their Getaway trips, all signs seemed to indicate that this would be the perfect time to do so.

From the time we arrived we were certain that we made the right decision; the tiny cabin was the perfect amount of space and had everything that we would need for a 3 night stay. For Kourtney, her favorite moments were between figuring out how to light and keep the fire going together, as well as a moment we took to listen and recite couple affirmations to each other. For Iman, it was also the affirmations in addition to every morning opening up the blinds to our massive view of the mountains and seeing chipmunks.

This trip in the Catskills with minimal phone service forced us to disconnect and really be in the moment with each other. Kourtney normally works night shifts, so we really enjoyed having so much uninterrupted time with one another with no work looming over our heads. With four days to unwind, we spent our time learning Tik Tok dances, cooking food together, and getting our rest and relaxation on. We also spent time browsing through the books provided for us. Our favorite book included the instructions to every card game known to man.

If we were to give a couple words of advice:

1. Make sure you use Getaway’s “how to start a fire” blog post (we could have saved a lot of fire starters if we did this).

2. Bring the necessities, as it is a tiny cabin don’t overstock as everything may not be able to fit in the fridge.

3. Start cooking earlier, as it gets very dark by the cabin and all fires must be out by 10pm.

4. Try your hardest to be intentional and take advantage of this time away from your day-to-day in nature, cause you will miss it as soon as you leave (we sure did). 

Overall our time at Getaway was exactly what we needed, the perfect break from the city life, from the moment we arrived we talked about when we could possibly return. Being in nature with your wife, simply enjoying each other’s company is priceless, and we can’t wait to do it all again.

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