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Featured Guests: April Nguyen

Earlier this year, we hosted April Nguyen and her boyfriend at Getaway Skagit Valley outside of Seattle so they could disconnect from technology and reconnect to themselves, each other, and nature. Here’s what she had to say about their escape.

The Surprise

Around November of 2021, my boyfriend and I had been pondering the idea of a small trip; something quick for us both to momentarily escape the busy 9-5 lifestyle. Weeks had gone by, but we never revisited that conversation. Spring was approaching, so I realized my birthday was coming up soon. I was too exhausted to plan anything, however, the thought of relaxing at home was enough for me.

Out of the blue one night, with little to no context my boyfriend asked me to take a few days off work the weekend of my birthday. He said, “I booked something for us, up North of Seattle, but that’s all I can tell you!”. With a ton of excitement, I thought “WHERE are we possibly going?!”. I wanted answers, but he did a great job of keeping his lips sealed! As for attire, he advised to bring “camping clothes” – talk about vague! 

Leading up to the day of the trip, we threw our bags in the trunk, loaded up the Yeti, and off we went! After about an hour and a half into the drive and close to the destination, scenery of mountains and tall trees welcomed us. With one last final turn, we into a beautiful outpost of cute and cozy cabins! I may have let out a squeal of excitement! This was quite the surprise! From then, we said hello to our Getaway home for the weekend.

The Experience

We were very ready to disconnect to enjoy some company time with nature! But first we unloaded and familiarized ourselves with the space! Our cabin had a lot to offer; built into the cabin is a very well organized kitchen space that included a two stove burner, sink, cooking tools and cookware. For dining; bowls, plates, cups and utensils were provided for use. In a little basket, were also snacks, some oatmeal and ingredients to prepare pasta! I thought this was a very sweet gesture for them to personalize a mini food basket to guests. 

The cabin also had a fully supplied interior private bathroom. It’s well ventilated, too! Here you can enjoy a hot shower and freshen up at any time of day during your getaway.


My two favorite moments of the trip were the nature walks and outdoor cooking! As a fan of nature walks, this location had two trails for the both of us to explore. The best part was the surprise waterfall at the end of one path! 

When it came to making dinner, we fired up the bonfire pit for steaks! We love cooking together and what an experience it was to enjoy a bonfire while doing some grilling at the same time! Creating foil boats, steaks were grilling and veggies were steaming – overall a very delicious and memorable dinner together! 

Final Thoughts 

This trip was the perfect couples escape we both needed. It is without a doubt that we will be returning soon for another stay! A few things I would keep in mind for next time is bringing a small tote/ container (with lid) dedicated to stowing muddy boots and sandals. The nature walks were necessary, but I ended up trailing some dirt and mud into the cabin by accident. 

One other piece of advice is to only bring food that does not need to be freezed. The cabin is supplied with a fridge, but no freezer space built in. Luckily, we had a Yeti cooler to store items that required storage in colder temps. This was the PERFECT getaway and we cannot wait to be back! 

To keep up with April’s adventures, check out her Instagram.

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