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Featured Guests: Amanda and Hannah’s Love Story

Earlier this year we hosted Amanda and Hannah at Getaway Hill Country outside of Austin for a very special moment of their love story. Read on to hear more about their escape to nature.

How did you two meet? Tell us your story! 


We met on Tinder! Our first “date” was in January of 2022, but we actually didn’t intend to be more than friends when we first met. I matched with Hannah because she had “just looking for friend dates” in her profile, and that sounded like exactly what I needed at the time. I was freshly out of the closet and still figuring out who I was and how I wanted to show up in my next relationship, and Hannah seemed like a truly genuine and beautiful soul that I wanted to connect with, romantically or not. (Hannah says she matched with me because she’s “a sucker for a cute smile,” btw).

After our first date, I think we texted each other every day and hung out as much as we could. We were both in really transitional places in our lives, and so the learnings and support we could lend each other was really transformative for both of us, even while keeping the “just friends” boundary. 

As the months went by though, we went from “just friends” to “casually dating” to “Shoot, I think I’m falling for you.”

We were at a party on Valentine’s day in our “just casually dating” phase, and Hannah was singing Beyoncé at the top of her lungs, and I just remember looking at her being like, “shoot, I’m falling for this girl hard.” And I said it too. I legitimately and accidentally said out loud, “you better stop doing that or I’m going to fall in love.” LOL. Whoops.

A few weeks later, I told her that I loved her for real, and she told me she felt the same way.

How did you plan your Getaway?

Once we both knew we wanted to be in each other’s lives as more than friends, I knew I had to plan something big. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, and I love going all out, so I looked up places I could take her to have a weekend where it could be just us. A friend had recommended Getaway House time and time again to me, and after seeing the views you get from the big window next to the bed, everything fell into place. The charcuterie board, the roses, the wine, the letter, everything. I knew exactly how I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. We picked a weekend where we were both free, and pulled the trigger on our own romantic getaway. There’s no way she didn’t know what I had planned, but I hoped I had some element of surprise with the execution.

What was your favorite part of your escape and your time together?

Well this is easy… when I asked Hannah to be my girlfriend! 

We had just gotten back to the trailer after a day of exploring the area, when I kicked her out to set everything up. I’m pretty sure she knew what was coming, but when I was finished with the setup, even I was like WOWZA. The sunset coming through the window hit everything perfectly, the trees swayed outside of the big window by the bed, and I was low key impressed with my charcuterie/roses/wine set up. I finished and thought, “this is too beautiful to NOT record,” so I set up my phone on the table next to the bed, asked her to be my girlfriend, she said absolutely yes, and the rest is history.

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