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Featured Guests: Alisa Tsai

Earlier this year, we hosted Alisa Tsai at Getaway Skagit Valley outside of Seattle for her to disconnect from technology and reconnect to nature. Here’s what she had to say about her escape.

“Recharged like never before.” 

-Alisa Tsai

Coming from a rural background, the beauty of the countryside has left remarkable memories in my childhood experience. However, after migrating to Seattle for work, this kind of quality time that allows me to reconnect with nature seems to be lost in this rainy Seattle of the Northwest. Although Washington does not lack activities to do in nature, there wasn’t really any opportunity that could allow me to unplug and disconnect from the busy life in Seattle—this was before I met Getaway. 

I was immediately drawn by the idea of Getaway when I first heard of it; a cabin disconnected from the city, hidden in the woods, giving people a brand new opportunity for them to reintroduce themselves to nature once again. Getaway provides the perfect balance, being close enough to nature for your body to recharge, and yet frugal enough where the cabin can have a hot shower and A/C when it is too challenging to be in a tent outside. 

It was a weekend after a long and tiring project, this is the perfect time for me to recharge, I thought, and I finally get to try out that Getaway that I have always wanted. I booked a cabin right away and hopped into my car the first thing the next morning. The drive in the woods felt extra special and relaxing knowing that my destination is no longer work but something of the exact opposite, I didn’t exactly have the trip planned out, so I had no attractions in mind to visit nor mountains I had to climb, yet I was more excited for this trip than ever. 

The first time I set foot into my cabin, I was stunned by how clean and tidy the cabin was, it seems odd to have a place just like a hotel room right in the middle of woods yet it blends so well with the beautiful nature scene outside of the window. I looked around in the cabin and found a hand-written card by the staff. This little act of care made my trip immediately more delightful and was an experience that made this trip extra memorable for me. From that moment, you can just tell that this experience was nothing artificial, but something sincere and warm. 

I explored the nearby woods and felt like it had just been way too long since my last time connecting with nature. I can again feel my skin brushed by the winds, chilled by creek water, and the sun shining upon me. The smell of flowers and trees brings me back to my childhood where nature was nearby. I missed this feeling, very much. After a while, I felt energized again knowing that I will be prepared to face challenges when I get back to the city, and I will be eagerly looking forward to my next Getaway. This is an experience I would want to share with all of my friends and family. I can bring them here to disconnect from the internet and all, to simply watch the campfire burns, watch the kids happily making S’mores with smiles on their faces, and sing together like we used to long ago. 

Suggestions I will give to people visiting Getaway? Don’t think too much, this place has it all prepared, just come and enjoy nature without any burden. Relax and recharge yourself and you will feel refreshed again in a way unimaginable.

Ready to plan your next escape? Book your Getaway today.