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Featured Guests: a Romantic Escape Captured By Michelle Halpern

Earlier this year we hosted Michelle Halpern and her boyfriend, at Getaway Big Bear outside of LA so they could disconnect from the noise and reconnect to themselves, each other, and nature. Here’s what Michelle had to say about their experience.

I’m not one for over-the-top romance, and neither is my boyfriend, but there’s something about escaping into nature with no cellphone reception and only you and your partner to entertain yourselves that is inherently romantic—no matter which way you cut it. And that’s exactly how we found ourselves on a totally accidental romantic weekend Getaway just 2 hours from our home of Los Angeles. 

Well, ok maybe it wasn’t entirely accidental. I’d stayed several times at Getaway locations before, so I knew what to expect—very little reception, a large comfortable bed in front of a huge picture window looking out into the wooded landscape and fun little amenities and extras like a bluetooth speaker, s’mores kits and even a game pamphlet (I highly recommend the mad libs section). 

However, I wanted this experience to feel different than the times I’d ventured off to Getaway’s tiny cabins in the past. So, to spice things up a bit, I made a mental note of some of the things we should do during our 48 hour stay at the Big Bear location and packed some extra items in my duffel to sweeten the deal—more on those in a second! 

But why is Getaway such an ideal romantic escape, you might ask? Well, beyond the obvious—peace and quiet, nature, alone time—Getaway is intentional in the fact that their cabins are disconnected from the outside world. This allows you and your partner to turn off the outside noise and tune into each other. It’s truly the ideal setting for reconnecting with one another, or simply discovering another side to your relationship. 

If you’re looking to give your Getaway a little extra romance, let me give you some ideas to work with! Here are my top tips for how to make your own Getaway more memorable with your partner. 

  • While cups are provided at all Getaway locations, of course you’ll need to BYOB. Bring along the makings for your favorite cocktail for a celebratory drink together
  • Put together a pre-trip playlist you both love to connect over the bluetooth speaker during your stay
  • Pack extra pillows and blankets to make your weekend extra cozy
  • Get to know each other on a deeper level with an intimacy card deck 
  • Pack ingredients for a meal you can cook together—we made chocolate chip pancakes over the firepit which was a hilarious and fun experience!
  • Indulge in a good book and some non-verbal intimacy with a great cuddling session (that’s where the extra pillows come in handy!)
  • Play your favorite card game together
  • String up twinkle lights inside your Getaway for A+ atmosphere 
  • Make sure to pack enough warm clothes so you can stay out in the evening for some stargazing
  • Have big goals and dreams for your future together or a problem you’re trying to solve as a couple? Use the trip as an off-site meeting of sorts to get the ideas flowing. 
  • If you’re into photography, have some fun with long exposures in the evenings and write secret messages to each other with light writing 
  • Treat each other to massages—if you own a Theragun or great smelling lotion back home, don’t forget to throw these in your weekend bag! 
  • Make a picnic or charcuterie board for lunch at your Getaway
  • Play a game of “would you rather” and take turns putting each other in the hot seat 
  • Go on a local adventure near your Getaway location to have a new experience together 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to put your phone in that cellphone lockbox that Getaway provides to ensure you and your partner don’t attempt to search for a signal. This should be intentional time where you can give each other the gift of true presence. 

Want even more details on what you can expect from a stay at Getaway? Check out my in-depth Big Bear Getaway House review.

Ready for a romantic escape with the one who matters most? Book your Getaway today.