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Featured Guest: Food Blogger and Recipe Developer, Garianne Stable

We’ve hosted food blogger and recipe developer, Garianne Stable at Getaway Eastern Catskills a few times this year so she could disconnect to reconnect to her creativity and enjoy #MoreFreeTime in nature with her partner and their dog, Basil. Here’s what she had to say about spending more free time in nature.

As a food blogger, content creator and recipe developer I am on my electronics often. In our modern moment, we are so connected to everything that it has disconnected us from ourselves. The most important way for me to find balance in my profession is to disconnect. When we step into nature, we step into ourselves. This is why I make time to visit Getaway Cabin… here I am able to not only relax off-grid but to spark my creativity!

While at Getaway we relax by the fire, walk around the woods with our dog, play card games and my favorite: cook over campfire! I’ve developed some of my favorite recipes at getaway cabin. It’s very clear my creative side comes out here.

When we step into nature, we step into ourselves.

Garianne stable

Something that stood out to me immediately about Getaway was how spotless and well designed the cabins are. Each cabin is equipped with everything you could need, aesthetically pleasing and so easy to come and go! And after a stay at the cabins, I always realize how important it is to find joy in the little things. Slowing down, exploring the world around me and just appreciating what little I need to be so satisfied.

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