Artist Fellowship

Artists Line Johnsen & Andreas Bjørn Hansen

Line Johnsen is an Art Director at Joan Creative and Andreas Bjørn Hansen is designer and animator at Buck Design, and together they created this illustration during their stay at one of our cabins:

The Brooklyn-based couple moved to NYC over three years ago from Copenhagen, and we chatted with them about how they maintain balance in their busy lives.

What occupies most of your time during the day?
Line: As an art director I spend most of my day ideating and coming up with visual concepts for brands.
Andreas: I spend most of my time, designing or animating for all kinds of brands.

What occupies most of your time during the weekend?

The weekends are no work zones.

Some weekends we are better at it than others, but we try to focus our free time on resetting our brains and do things that gets us inspired. We live right in between Prospect Park and the Brooklyn waterfront, so we always try to go to one or the other. Each month we plan to get out of the city and our favorite place to go is Upstate New York. In the summertime we go camping and in the wintertime we either go skiing or find a nice and cozy cabin.

What do you wish you had more time to do?
We wish there were more three day weekends that existed. Then we could go a little farther away and get to see even more places.

What is your favorite non-digital activity?
Hiking is our favorite. The combination of physical activity, fresh air and nature is always super exciting and shakes off any stress and negativity.

We both get inspired when we travel to new places, especially nature places. It’s almost an instant boost of creativity that hits us.

Ideas start flowing and we always come home with new ideas on things we want to make.

What’s your best tip for getting away?
Block out weekends ahead of time in your calendar. Even though you haven’t booked or rented anything yet, just make room for it to happen. It will remind you that it’s time to get out there.

You can follow along on their adventures at @linejohnsen and @andreashansen.