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What’s Included at Our Campsite

Getaway Campgrounds are designed to give you the perfect space to recharge. Our campsites have everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you don’t have to think too hard about what you need for your stay.

Your campsite, lovingly named for the grandparent of a staff member or guest, comes with a secluded, covered structure complete with a picnic table, hammock, and kitchenette with propane burner, dishware, cutlery, and provisions. You’ll have access to clean, private bathroom suites onsite that include a sink, hot shower, and toilet. Additionally, you’ll have a fire pit ideal for campfire cooking and fireside conversations under the stars.

Feel free to put your devices in the cell phone lockbox and just focus on what’s around you.

The Tent 

Your campsite is designed with a soft, leveled area where you can set up your tent. Additionally, we feature two unique outdoor experiences. The All-Set package offers our guests an effortless camping experience.  Arrive to a fully set up campsite and pitched canvas tent (accommodates 2 adults + 1 kiddo), complete with a queen bed, blanket, pillows, and linens.

The DIY Package

For those who prefer a more traditional camping experience, the DIY package allows you to bring your own tent and enjoy a private campsite with space for up to four campers.

The Kitchenette

Our kitchenettes come equipped with anything you need to prepare a meal — including a propane burner, plus propane canister — so you only have to bring ingredients. Your kitchenette includes:

  • Dishware, cutlery
  • Pot, pan, and kettle
  • Salt, pepper, and olive oil
  • Coffee creamer and sugar


We also have provisions available for purchase. 

S’mores. . . . . . . . . . .$5.00

(Makes four s’mores)

Coffee. . . . . . . . . . . .$2.00

Tea. . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2.00

Hot Chocolate. . . . . .$1.00

Insect Wipes. . . . . . . $1.00

Log Bundle. . . . . . . . $8.00

Firestarter. . . . . . . . . $2.00

The Sustenance Box

You’ll have the opportunity to add additional meal and snack provisions to your reservation with our Sustenance Box for $30 at any time before or during your stay.

The Sustenance Box includes:

  • 2 oatmeals
  • 2 soups
  • 1 pasta
  • 1 pasta sauce
  • 2 jerkys
  • 2 candies
  • 2 cookies

Just add the sustenance box onto your reservation before you book or reach out to our team at [email protected]

The Bathroom

During your stay, you’ll have access to private bathroom suites (complete with a hot shower, sink, and toilet).

The Piece of Land

Enjoy your tiny spot in nature — each campsite includes a fire pit, grilling grate, outdoor picnic table, and chairs. There’s firewood for purchase, along with firestarters and lighters to heat things up. Note: our collection of campsites are scattered throughout our Outposts. While all of our campsites are private, you’ll spot your neighbors through the trees.

Check-In and Check-Out

Check in begins at 3 PM, and check out is by 11 AM. You’ll receive your campsite name on the day of your arrival, and you’re welcome to head straight to your campsite at check in time. To check out, make sure you’ve gathered all of your belongings and properly dispose of all trash. Please make sure whatever items that came with you, also leave with you.

How to Getaway

The Ultimate Getaway Campgrounds Packing List

People often ask us what to pack for their Getaways. We usually say ‘not much’ because we believe in the simplicity of just getting away to enjoy the great outdoors or great company.

Our Campgrounds are designed with everything you need and nothing you don’t. See the full list of what’s included in our campsites here.

As for the rest, here’s what we recommend to pack, with a few different options based on how you like to get away.

Bring Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

For the no-frills adventure minded minimalist, this packing list will keep you light and your trip focused on doing nothing but living.

  • A bright headlamp and flashlight
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • Pajamas and a change of clothes for however long you’re staying
  • Walking shoes for outdoor terrain
  • Anything you can’t live without for a night or more away (medication, etc.)
  • Rain jacket and an extra layer, it gets colder at night than in the city
  • Bug spray for the warmer months
  • Canteen for water, soup or tea
  • A good book

The nice thing about packing minimally is that it really makes you stop and think: what is truly essential in your life? In Marie Kondo speak—what brings you joy?

Share with us what you’re packing for your Getaways #getawayoften or drop us a line at [email protected]

Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking: Campfire Blueberry Cobbler

Earlier this year we hosted Garianne Sheridan of Garianne’s Table at Getaway Western Catskills outside of New York, for her to take some time to reconnect to nature and experiment with some new campfire recipes. Here is her recipe for Campfire Blueberry Cobbler.


  • 1 bag frozen blueberries (about 2lbs)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 package flaky biscuits


Mix frozen blueberries, sugar and lemon juice.

Place biscuits on top, then cover tightly with aluminum foil and place on rock over fire.

Continue to check until biscuits are golden and blueberries are bubbly.


Want to try out this recipe on your next escape to nature? Book your next Getaway today.

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Celebrating More Daylight for Daylight Savings

As Daylight Savings approaches, we know you’re not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep, so we tapped our team and reached out to Coach Cam to hear about how they plan to spend their extra hour of sunlight to reconnect to what matters most. Here’s what they had to say:

What’s going on y’all it’s daylight savings, and that means EXTRA SUNLIGHT! Whoop Whoop! So looking forward to getting back to having “more time” during the day! 

I’m taking this time to connect and embrace more of the things that I enjoy doing and that means starting it off right with a hot fluffy fresh stack of homemade protein French toast, lattes, and being outdoors! Spending any kind of time outdoors, especially in nature, has been a great mood booster for me. It’s grounding, always brings me back to center, it’s another opportunity for me to be present and bask in gratitude. In my free time outdoors, I enjoy hiking and nature walks during the week to get my steps in and to get the good energy flow going, kayaking, and golfing. Cheers to enjoying our extra hour of sunlight!

Here’s how team Getaway is following Coach Cam’s lead and getting outside:

The Graze Outdoors

You’ll find me grilling dinner in the great outdoors. — Langer, Facilities Team

Golden Happy Hour

I’ll be hosting happy hour on my patio and taking evening walks with my pup, Bertie. — Anna, Marketing Team

Having a Ball

To unwind after work, I’ll be using the extra daylight to take beach walks and play soccer in the park. — Lindsey, Community Team

Spring Flowers

I’ll be using the extra hour of daylight to start working on my backyard, getting everything ready for spring. — Idris, Outpost Team

Family Free Time

I’ll be using the extra daylight to take my kiddos to the park to play after school. — Jeannice, Digital + Software Team

Friends Al Fresco

I’m planning to enjoy more evening picnics with friends while catching sunset. — Kara, Product Team

Easy Rider

Three words: Sunset bike rides! — Bethany, Outpost Team

Ready to plan your next escape to nature? Book your Getaway today.

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Explore Getaway Ozark Highlands

Located in Osceola, Missouri, Getaway Ozark Highlands, is nestled in a bustling town with plenty of spots to explore. Here are a few of the spots we’d recommend you check out while you’re on your Getaway.

Walks in the Woods

Ceder Bluff Trail
Distance: 2.1 miles
Difficulty: easy
Dogs allowed

This loop trail through Pomme de Terre State Park, follows the rocky bluffs around the lake, and passes through some beautiful spots featuring oak, maple, and hickory trees.

Bluff Ridge Trail
Distance: 1.9 miles
Difficulty: easy
Dogs allowed

This trail offers some amazing overlooks of Truman Lake, and allows you to explore groves of oak trees native to this area.

Granny’s Acres Loop
Distance: 4.3 miles
Difficulty: moderate
Dogs allowed

For hikers looking for more a challenge, you can check out Granny’s Acres Loop—be prepared to climb some hills, but know the scenic forest views are view it.

Sustenance and Snacks

Scott’s Iconium General Store
~12 minutes from cabin
This 100-year old general store not only has all the essentials—from burgers to groceries to beer, to local wine and cheese and supplies—but they also deliver to the Outpost.

Carney’s Five Star Supermarket
~12 minutes from cabin
For all the ingredients you’ll need to cook your favorite campfire recipes, head to Carney’s Five Star Supermarket on your way to the Outpost.

On the Moo-ve Burger Barn
~12 minutes from cabin
On the Moo-ve Burger Barn is the perfect spot for a juicy burger after a day of hiking and exploring.

Sugarfoot BBQ
~12 minutes from cabin
If you’re looking for the best BBQ outside of Kansas City, head to Sugarfoot BBQ to try the locals’ favorite treats.

Things to Do Around the Outpost

Davis Bros Antique Mall
~12 minutes from cabin
To find a unique souvenir from your escape, head to Davis Bros Antique Mall to bring a bit of Osceola home with you.

Saddle Club of St. Clair County
~14 Minutes From cabin
For an afternoon of entertainment spent at the rodeo, head toSaddle Club of St. Clair County.

Ready to escape the city and head into nature? Book your Getaway today.

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Getaway’s WYLD Experience: On Setting Intentions

To close out the year, Getaway’s marketing team carved out some time to work with WYLD Leadership to learn more about setting intentions. WYLD crafts incredible learning and development experiences – in person or virtually – customized to a team’s needs and goals, meaning no workshop is the same. WYLD’s mission is to draw out the unique greatness in people. They pull from a palette of psychology, nature, creativity, mindfulness, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom to curate a safe and fun experiential learning environment that feels transformative and sustainable.

2021 was a big year full of changes for our team, so entering our first intention-setting session with WYLD, we were feeling a bit scattered and many of us admitted to feeling that they were having a hard time setting aside our to-dos to make time for reflection and intention setting for the new year. To help us get a bit more grounded and prepare us to switch gears, our WYLD Guide, Sam, led us through a guided meditation to let go of any stress we were carrying into the session, and to reflect on what the word intention brings to mind. We discussed the difference between goals and intentions. Ultimately, reaching the conclusion that intentions were looser than goals, and intentions allow us to decide how we want to be in the world amidst the projects and goals we’re working toward. Intentions clarify our actions by acting as a north star for us to keep in mind, so we can make choices aligned in that direction. On the flip side, goals require a set of specific actions or tasks, and while a goal can be achieved, an intention has no end date or set of criteria to accomplish. 

We decided on some team intentions for 2022, which include embracing a mindset of possibility, finding the joy in what we get to do every day, and honoring our personal and collective truths as we share Getaway’s story. And then we outlined practices in our working lives that we want to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing. For example, one practice we’d like to continue in 2022, is to send a message to our team Slack channel to let everyone know we’ll be taking a break, going for a walk, or just grabbing lunch or coffee. 

In our next exercise with WYLD, we took some time to get creative and reflect on our personal and professional intentions to create a vision board of what those intentions mean to us. This was to keep our intentions fresh in our minds, but also to take advantage of the benefits of creativity. Carving out time and space for creative thinking and creative projects can positively influence well-being and can help to promote innovation and problem-solving in the workplace, so after our WYLD session where we got our creative juices flowing, we were ready to take a new stab at some of the week’s challenges.

Our Graphic Designer, Julianna said, “Having WYLD work with our team brought greater alignment and a consistent re-centering of the very human-ness that is key to our brand. Through the sessions, I felt more connected to my teammates and energized in my work.”

After our sessions with WYLD this past quarter, we’re entering 2022 with clarity and direction, both personally and professionally, and we’ve renewed our commitments to show up as fully as we can for ourselves and our co-workers. And after a year of workshops with WYLD, we feel connected as a team, aligned with ourselves, and ready for whatever 2022 brings.

Interested in connecting with a WYLD guide and exploring your strengths more? Email them at [email protected] to get your session scheduled and they will match you with a coach that fits your professional and personal goals. Mention promo code WYLD20 for 20% off (this includes a CliftonStrengths code to take the behavioral assessment). A coaching session with a WYLD guide will be tailored to your self development needs, whatever you lead… a business, a family, a team, or your own self through the day, gift yourself the time and space to reflect and grow.

In need of some free time in nature to reflect and reconnect to what matters most? Book your Getaway today.

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Wellness Tip: Go on a Hike

The Appalachian Trail begins at Springer Mountain in Georgia, then moves north, crossing 14 states, eight national forests, and six national parks before ending at the peak of Mount Katahdin in Maine. By the time backpackers (known as “thru-hikers”) arrive at Mount Katahdin, they’ve spent at least five straight months trekking along the 2,178-mile trail, the longest marked path in the United States.

The trail got its start a hundred years ago, in 1921, when a Massachusetts forester and conservationist named Benton MacKaye published an article laying out his idea for a walking path across the Appalachian Mountains. He believed that the stress and speed of urban life were bad for people’s health, so he envisioned the trail as a destination for worn-out city dwellers in need of recreation and refreshment in nature. When journalists asked what the trail’s purpose was, MacKaye’s reply was Zen-like in its simplicity: “To walk, to see, and to see what you see.”

In the century since, the pace of city life has only sped up, and we’re spending less and less time outside. MacKaye’s concern for our health, and his proposed solution of getting out into nature for a reset, are as relevant as ever.

While there are plenty of health benefits to hiking, hiking is also a great way to bond with friends and family, there’s a low barrier to entry, and it’s inexpensive. Here are some tips to help you plan and enjoy your next hike from our founder, Jon Staff. For more tips, check out his book “Getting Away: 75 Everyday Practices for Finding Balance in Our Always-On World.”

1. Locate a Nearby Trail 

You don’t need to live in the middle of the wilderness to find good places to hike. Many cities and towns have parks and other greenspaces with walking paths, and you can find good hiking trails just an hour away from many major cities.

2. Warm Up

One of the most common hiking injuries is a sprained ankle, but you can reduce your risk with exercises to expand your range of motion and build core strength, which will help to stabilize you on an uneven trail. Crunches, squats, and lunges will strengthen your core, while a resistance band can help to improve strength and extension.

3. Break in New Footwear in Advance 

Blisters are a buzzkill. If you plan to wear new or rarely used shoes or boots on your hike, spend some time walking around in them in advance. While lightweight hiking shoes might feel comfortable right away, heavier leather boots may take up to a few weeks to soften to the shape of your feet. 

4. Stay Safe 

Check the weather a few hours before you plan to set out. Even if you plan to hike for only a few hours, bring a backpack with water, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, extra layers, and a basic first aid kit. It’s safer to hike with a partner, but if you’re planning to go out alone, make sure to tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back. 

5. Budget Extra Time

Hiking is usually slower than walking, since rugged terrain and changes in elevation will slow your pace. Depending on the landscape and your level of fitness, assume you’ll cover one to two miles of trail per hour. Add an extra hour for every 1,000 feet of elevation gain. If you’re new to hiking, start with a shorter, easier trail, and err on the safe side by budgeting in a few extra hours.

Useful Websites for Hikers:

Ready to plan your next escape to nature? Book your Getaway today.

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Fresh Start Sweeps with Brooklyn Brewery

We know many of our guests get away to unplug and reset, so we tapped our friends at Brooklyn Brewery for some refreshing non-alcoholic options that bring all the flavor, none of the distractions, for those looking for mindfulness and moderation this (Dry) January. 

Their Special Effects lineup will be stocked in your cabin in the mini fridge at Getaway Big Bear, Getaway Eastern Catskills and Getaway Barber Creek, Thursday — Sunday, through March 2. The lineup features delicious classic styles and new favorites. Try them alongside your favorite snacks and meals, take them adventuring, or just enjoy them while you unwind. Whatever your plans, Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects are a perfect pairing.

Special Effects Hoppy Amber:

A smooth, delicious lager-style brew

Special Effects Pils:

Crisp, snappy, and remarkably refreshing

Special Effects IPA:

Full of bright, citrusy, classic IPA notes

Special Effects Hazy IPA:

Bursting with ripe fruit aromas and a juicy finish

Inspired to start your year with an adventure? We’ve partnered with Brooklyn Brewery on our Fresh Start Sweeps to give one lucky winner and guest a two-night Getaway to the Outpost of their choice.

And in the meantime, visit to find Brooklyn Special Effects near you, or order it to your door and save $10 with code BROOKLYNGETAWAY.

Cheers from your friends at Getaway x Brooklyn Brewery

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